NEW Costume Fusion System Coming June 8

Costume Fusion System

The Costume Fusion system is being added to Closers on the next big update on 6/8.

What is it?

The costume fusion system is a brand new system used for creating fused phase wings. You might be asking; "What are these new fusion phase wings"? These new phase wings have up to 10 upgrade-able levels. Each level has its own benefits such as; +Critical Damage, added HP, +Critical Hit Chance, and +Back Damage are a few examples. There are a couple of special unlock stages at phase wing levels at level 5, and again at level 10.
At level 5 phase wings, players unlock a upgraded Empowered Skill state. When the skill is used multiple times during combat, their character will gain a stackable buff that will these stats by 1%:

  • Physical/Psi Crit Damage
  • Aeriel/Back Attack/Chase Crit Damage
    • For example, here is Bai's new Empowered State skill unlocked with level 10 Phase Wings:

At level 10 phase wings, players unlock a unique skill effect for the Empowered State skill that can only be used with the highest level of phase wings. It will rock your galaxy!

The introduction of the Costume Fusion system brings a new layer of customization to your character for the Empowered State skill and Dance emotes. Both of these abilities can be customized with new effects that can be earned throughout the game. Some of the new obtainable Empowered State skill effects and Emote effects can be gained through the new Beelzebub Expansion content releasing with the 6/8 update.

To keep track of all these new goodies, a new UI menu has been added to the Skills menu. In this menu you will be able to look at all of the unique effects you have unlocked and apply them to your character.

Now you might be asking, "Where do I get these new phase wings?" Purchase these new phase wings from the Contribution shop after the 6/8 maintenance for credits and contribution points. The phase wings that you purchase from the contribution shop will start at level 0 of the fusion process, these phase wings will act as your base phase wings that you will upgrade by using various materials. The base phase wings will have no added benefits.

  • Base phase wings can be purchased 1 per character from the contribution shop.

Materials?! Yes, there are 3 materials used for upgrading fusion phase wings, they are;

  • Splendid Phase Fibers- Gained from salvaging 3-star costumes.

  • Costume Fusion Fibers - Gained from events, Bitna, and the EMP cash shop.

  • Phase Wing Essence - Gained from salvaging 3-star Phase Wings and through various events in game.

    • Salvaging 3-star phase wings will always produce Wing Essence materials.

"Where Do I Upgrade these New Phase Wings?", a new UI menu button will be added right below the Phase Wings costume slot in the Character Profile menu. Clicking on the UI button will grant you access to the fusion system UI where you can use the above mentioned materials to upgrade your new fusion phase wings.


SS tuning options on all current phase wings of all users will be replaced with a C tune of the same attribute and will be compensated a non-trade-able SS Guaranteed D Fabric Treatment consumable that can be applied to any costume piece. Players will have one of two choices to make when using the consumable.

Option 1: Use the SS Guaranteed D Fabric Treatment consumable on any of your costumes to gain a SS tune.

Option 2: Use the SS Guaranteed D Fabric Treatment consumable to gain a guaranteed SS tune on your new fusion phase wings.

Revision: 6/7/2020
*Non-trade-able SS Guaranteed D Fabric Treatment consumable changed from only working on Effect costumes to all costume types.

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