Luna dps?

Hello. Aside from PvP, is Luna actually good in terms of her damage (besides counter skills)? I feel like I'm having somewhat a trouble to deal a good dmg when there's nothing to counter on. Can someone share what should I do? What to max/what to not in both passives and actives? What about tunes?

I'm almost done with my current gear. I have t6 core, t5 both bb modules, busan mod and amp, yod trinks, puri trinks. So I think I should be at least able to finish hell in less than 5 mins, but it took me 5;01 in my speedrun.


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    For me
    Active Skils

    (Note : ASAP after finish Busan trinks I will make my FM1 to lv16)

    Passive Skills
    Reinforce Power; Critical Blow; Critical Phase Force; Transcendental Power; TF Combat training; TF Tactics Training; TF Reinforcement Training level Max
    (Note : Air Strike Killer Move; Watch Your Six; Chasing instict lv Max if your ABC Damage still not hit soft cap (80%) )

    For amp right, I think better Green nito amp than busan amp

    Core : Add raw, Phy Crit dmg, Back crit dmg, Back dmg, Phase power damage/Atk speed/EX Aegis Charge
    Mod : Phy Crit dmg, Back crit dmg, Back dmg, Atk speed/EX Aegis Charge
    Trinket : Total raw, ABC dmg (choose one if your ABC dmg still bellow 80%), Phy Crit dmg, HP/MP
    Amp : Phy Crit dmg, up to you the rest
    Trigger : Total raw phy, Atk speed, Phy Crit dmg, Air/Back Crit dmg

    Weapon & Hand : Total raw phy; Phy Crit dmg
    Hair & Hat : Atk speed; Phase power dmg
    Feet, Waist, and Arm : Air crit dmg; Back Crit dmg
    Eye : Either double Reinforce Power or Critical Blow
    Wings : Total raw phy, Phy Crit dmg, Air Crit dmg
    Top, Leg, Back : Double HP
    Head, Cheeks, Chin, Legs : Cooldown or Phy/Psi dmg reflection
    Full body : Meteor Jump, FM3

    Chip (For now till chip revamp)
    Try to get Air crit dmg or any/Air dual plat chip
    For BB chip take either Yellow or Black BB chip
    And take deathblow chip on core

    If you have a question dm me on discord レビブナ#9504 / REvibna

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    @BlackyER thank you so much.

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