Splendid Draconian Chests are back for a limited-time!

Limited-Time Splendid Draconian Chest Sale

Splendid Draconian Chests are making a limited-time comeback for one week in the Closers Daily Deal webstore between July 23 - July 30. Do not miss the chance to add these chests to your dragon hoard!

Sale Information:

Splendid Draconian Chests are available in two different packages:

Splendid Draconian Chest:

Product Name Amount
Splendid Draconian Chest 1
Sales Price 990 EMP
Purchase Restriction No Purchase Restriction

Splendid Draconian Chest 10+1 Package:

Product Name Amount
Splendid Draconian Chest 11
Package Total Value 10,890 EMP
Discount Rate 9%
Sales Price 9,900 EMP
Purchase Restriction Once Per Account

Splendid Draconian Chest contents

  • Splendid Draconian Chests have a random chance at containing one of the following:

    • Draconian 10-Piece Set

    • Draconian Accessory Set

    • Draconian Wings

    • Draconian Circlet

    • Draconian Scales

    • Draconian Eye

    • Draconian 6-Piece Set

    • Draconian Costume Random Box

    • Draconian Synchro Fiber x6

    • +14 Gear Booster

    • +13 Gear Booster Pouch

    • +12 Gear Booster Pouch

    • 2-star Autumn School [A] Full Set

    • 2-star Autumn School Full Set [B]

    • 2-star Autumn School Full Set [C]

    • 3-star Boss Phase Wing Random Box (Tradable)

    • SS Guaranteed D Component

    • S Guaranteed D Component

    • Splendid D Component x5

    • Superior D Component x20

    • Guaranteed SS D Fabric Treatment Special

    • Guaranteed S D Fabric Treatment

    • Superior D Fabric Treatment Special x5

    • Superior D Fabric Treatment x11

    • Mini Awakened Tiamat Pet Container

    • Mini Summer Gremory Pet Container

    • Mini Dr. Gremory Pet Container

    • Mini Summer Dust Pet Container

    • Dual Platinum Chip Random Box

    • Gear Booster Fortifier x4

    • Gear Booster Fuel I x100

    • Alpha Equalizer x3

    • Real Platinum Driver

    • Slot Type Modification Tool x10

    • Perfect PNA Evolution Kit x11

    • Transcendental Elixir x11

    • Gremory's Greater Dimensional Box

    • 15-Day Elite Status Voucher Box (Tradable)


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