Known Issues - August 3 Scarlet Scorpion Update

Hi Closers!

We are aware of several issues with the August 3 - Scarlet Scorpion Update and we wanted to make you all aware that we working closely with Naddic and targeting hot fix build for tomorrow (Wednesday, August 5). We will provide more updates as we get them.

We will be resolving these issues:

EMP Store:

  • Corrected the naming issue on the 2nd Chain Discount, this should correctly read Mystery Gear Booster Fortifier Pouch now.


  • Corrected the amount of Scarlet Scorpion Coins rewarded from the daily log in event.
  • The random chip box that can be gained from crafting the Novice Chip & Slot Random Box in the Novice Growth Closer event can now be opened.
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