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Hello Closers! I know you all have a lot of really important questions concerning Naddic's Closers service management so we sent some of them to Naddic.
Well, I've got great news! Naddic has been awesome enough to send us answers to your questions..

Question - Where will the server hosted by Naddic be located?
Answer - Servers will be located in North America for faster and stable service

Question - Will Naddic bring stamina/Fatigue system back?
Answer - There’s no plan to bringing stamina/fatigue system back.

Question - What patch schedule will Naddic use? Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly?
Answer - Basic patch schedule will be bi-weekly. But it’s flexible considering the content and holidays.

Question - Will content change to match the Korean build?
Answer - World server will keep its contents as it is – such as no fatigue system. Major contents already introduced in Korean server will be released in World server step by step.

Question - Will elite/platinum status be carried over, and if so, are there any planned changes?
Answer - Elite/Platinum status will be carried over. But you might lose some days due to the small gap between EnMasse server close and Naddic server open. We are going to recover the lost days through granting Elite status item to you.

Question - What will happen to the IP ban for Indonesia and Vietnam since both server already shutdown?
Answer - Players from Indonesia and Vietnam will be able to access and play Closers World server.

Question - The last time we have the server merge/transfer ( from EU server to NA) we have some name change / name release. Will Naddic also offer something like that when we transfer over?
Answer - We will maintain every closer/character names as they are. None of the in-game user information will be changed due to the transfer.

Naddic would like to hear more of your questions and concerns regarding our upcoming service transfer. We will continue to review this thread and pass on questions. And of course, I will update when we receive Naddic's answers.


  • KyaruKyaru Member
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    Hello Naddic Team,

    Few questions to consider.
    Question - With this transfer, will there be any changes to the pay model of Closers? A worry is some games where the company self-hosted changed the model completely which set it towards a complete pay to win model.

    Question - Will the EMP Store be equivalent to what Enmasse has? Or will it follow a store similar to KR?

    Question - Will the currency ratio of what Enmasse has for EMP stay the same? Or will it be increased/decrease as for a ratio for what we would pay for EMP?

    Question - Will the World server upon transfer receive the private black market system? It was a feature World never received, yet still coveted by many to avoid issues with trading. If not, will another trade method be introduced to allow for safer transactions of rarer items?

    Question - Before, we used to have frequent Q&A sessions with you, Naddic. However, that communication has become sparse. With this new ownership that you are taking on for World, will that communication be renewed to a more frequent basis? We as players want to be in contact with developers to know what's going on, and most importantly, to allow you to understand how we as the players feel about the current state of the game.

    Question - Will this transfer delay the release of the new Rattus Team? If so, when can we expect the Rattus members to arrive?

  • ShadowDaenierShadowDaenier Member
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    Hello Naddic Dev Team,

    Here are some Questions i have for ya
    Question - With this Transfer will Naddic be providing a form of item transfers from player to player inside one's account like EnMasse does
    Question - will Signature Costumes "Example: Dark command, Zenith, Cybernetic, etc." be craftable by a Splendid or Greater Phase Fiber like i've seen in JP version before, OR will they be staying as annoying RNG chances

    Question - will costumes ever be Tradeable via Player to Player or as its labeled "Personal Trading"

  • YamiKoiiYamiKoii Member
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    Hello Naddic Dev Team,

    Here are some Questions regarding the service transfer

    Question - What will be naddic's version of currency on the shop be and will emp as a balance(from EME) ever be transferred to naddic's shop?
    Question - Will timed items be given an extension? and how about the maid/fairy in housing? since transfer might take a while or so
    Question - Can we still launch the game thru Steam? If so, will steam credit to store credit conversion be the same?
    Question - If ever were not using steam, do we need to download the game all over again after transfer?
    Question - Do we require to fill up some sort of form before the transfer?
    Question - What will naddic's customer support service be like? Will we be able to retrieve some items we deleted or maybe some other request if there are bugs in the game that interferes with a retrieval of an item or some other services?

  • AfroPaperAfroPaper Member
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    Hello Naddic Dev Team,

    Here's a Question from me

    Question - Will we used Naddic coins for in game payment? If yes how is the ratio, is it will same with EMP or different? and what are the payment methods?

  • Hello Naddic Team,

    Here's some questions I have:

    Question- Will everything in the character's inventory, bank and the account bank be transferred, including items that have expire date(currently most of them expire in December)?
    Question-Will the items in the delivery box be transferred?
    Question- This is probably more towards EME but will the current EMP be transferred to the new servers and converted to the currency Naddic will use?
    Question- Will the current contribution points be transferred or will they be reset?
    Question-Will there be a change to the contents/price in the contribution shop?
    Question- Will the prices of cash shop items change under your management?
    Question- Will you lead advertisement campaigns to attract more players?
    Question- When the server opens under your management, will it come with a new content update?
    Question- Will Rattus come this year?
    Question- Could you reveal the devmap/update plans for the rest of 2020?

  • Question - Are there any plans to fix the following issues: memory leak, frequent client crashes, inconsistent translations, squad system bugs, queue system

    I love the game itself, but these issues, especially the frequent client crashes, make it very hard for me to stay invested.

  • Oh, another question:
    Question - How will Black Friday sales be handled from here onwards?
    I was looking forward to the EMP bonus this year.

  • Question - What time will the Server Transfer take place?
    This way we all know when to get things done that we need to (in Example - Dailies, Event, etc.)

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