Naddic's Closers content coming November


We have been diligently gathering intel from UNION field agents and we have compiled a field report for you that will outline what is in store for Closers in the nearest future when Naddic takes over service in November! We have received the following information from direct sources. This information is CLASSIFIED and for your eyes only.

Do you accept this mission?

~Yes? That's good, because it doesn’t get better than this!~

Reports of a New Team?

Intel indicates there is a new team isolated on an island made of...trash? Rumor is they call themselve Team Rattus, but we only have intel on one member, Mirae. The only information we have is that her weapon of choice is a Sickle.

  • NEW Team Rattus is LANDING with the next update of Closers!
    • Mirae is the first Rattus playable team member.
    • Experience a new character storyline unveiled with the introduction of Mirae!
    • Signature Draconian costume and Mirae’s Arcana Joker costume will be available with the release of Mirae.

  • Additionally, current Black Lambs and Wolfdog storyline content will be improved.
    • Leveling for Black Lambs and Wolfdog characters will be simpler and easier!
      • Main scenario quests will require 40% less dungeon clears.
      • Alt characters will be much easier to level up!

UNION System Upgrades!

UNION systems are getting a much needed overhaul which will require you to hand in your assigned terminal for an upgrade. The update will increase functionality, speed, and functionality of all UNION systems! Here are some leaked upgrades:

64 Bit Client Upgrade

  • Increases performance and stability of Closers! Please make sure to install the following:
    • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages for Visual Studio 2015
    • Direct X 11 or Higher
    • Latest graphic card driver

Chip System Renewal

  • The chip system is being completely overhauled because of several issues;

    1. Absence of content to farm the end game chips with continuous effort.
    2. Unintuitive system containing too many different types of chips and bad usability.
    3. Presence of abandoned chips with undesirable stats.
  • The chip system has been simplified and will be easier to use along with these changes, chips will be changed from being character bound to account bound instead.

Notice - The chips that you retain will be converted to common useful chips according to their original value. When you first log in after the update, you will have a high chance of your overall TCP decreasing due to this conversion. DO NOT PANIC! After you enhance some common chips into the newer, stronger chips, your TCP will be recovered!

Pet System Renewal

  • The pet system has been overhauled, these cuties will be more powerful and even more useful than before!
    • Pet system will be changed from character bound to account bound.
    • Enhancing Pet’s stats will be applied to your character's TCP.
    • Enhanced pets gain the ability to use some potions automatically - No more having to spam potion hotkeys when you are in danger, woohoo!
    • You will be able to apply visual effects to your equipped pet from the pets you have unlocked.
    • And last but not least, the Mini Syrphid pet will be released! Are you ready to become one of her backup dancers?

Disturbance in Iraq

First a train full of zombies? Now we have reports of a new team on an isolated island? Just when you think this year can’t get any more strange...we have reports of a disturbance in Iraq. Early reports claim that ancient remains have been uncovered in the suburbs of Iraq and one of our own, Levia, has gone missing. There is no time to spare!

  • Dimensional OpsCenter remake - Ancient Remains
    • Check out a total remake of the Dimensional Ops Center area and challenge a powerful being!

Winter Fashion Trends Leak Online!

Thought this would all be about UNION intel now didn’t you, Closer? The upcoming winter fashion trend leaked online today. There are images blanketing the online news outlets showing off a very warm and cozy looking winter outfit. UNION will be ordering full outfits for ALL closers.

  • Cozy Winter costume will be available for all Closers after the update!

That's it for now Agent, as you can tell we have no shortage of missions and intel to keep you busy around here. Be on alert for your next intel drop, there is sure to be more!

~The device displaying this message will now self-destruct in t-minus 10 seconds.~

Stay tuned for more information on how to transfer your account and other in game events prepared for you.



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