Greetings from Naddic Games

Hello, agents.
This is NADDIC GAMES, the developer of Closers.

We are honored to finally greet you as we now are the charge of not only the development but also the FULL service of the Closers World server.

Closers has been loved so gratefully past 3 years of En Masse Entertainment service. It is our turn to give you back the loves you have given to closers so far. We promise you that we will be closer, we will listen closer, we will provide you the Closest service.

D-DAY. November 5th, ALL NEW Closers will welcome you with the following MEGA contents and improvements.
1. 64bits client: It’s FASTER. It’s more STABLED. All you need to do is ENJOY!
2. New character Mirae: Meet the sorrowful and desperate story of Mirae, the first member of the new team ‘Rattus'
3. Remains of Ancient Dragon: The Dimensional Ops Center region has been fully renewed. Are you ready to challenge the new Tiamat?

View Details - Naddic's Closers content coming November

We will always remember excitement of the very first day we presented Closers to the world, and promise you that we will run together to provide you all with great memories ahead with you.

Stay Tuned and be ready for whole new CLOSERS!

Sincerely, Naddic Games Closer's Team.

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