Monday, November 20, Update Patch Notes

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Get ready, because an update that unlocks the next chapter in the Black Lambs story is coming today, Monday, November 20, at 10 p.m. PST! We're expecting update downtime to take about two hours. Read on to learn more!


  • The level cap has been increased to 65!

Story Missions

  • The International Airport Hub is open!
    --You can enter this area starting at level 55.
    --New quests have been added.
    --New gear will drop in International Airport quests.
    --New Achievements have been added for the area!

  • New quests for Planar Gate Dimensional Singularity have been added!


  • An International Airport Level Expansion Event will run from Tuesday, November 21 (when we return from downtime), and last until the Tuesday, December 5, Maintenance.
    --Collect Valor Token from International Airport missions, then trade them in for prizes to boost your power!
    --The first character on your account to hit level 65 during the event will get a Level 65 Celebration Box!

  • Save Thanksgiving from the Washing Machine Menace! Event will run from the Monday, November 20 maintenance (when we return from downtime), and last until the Tuesday, December 5, maintenance.
    --During every stage, players of level 30 or higher have a chance of encountering wicked Washing Machines. Players of level 50 or over or their fearsome leader: The Demon King Washing Machine.
    --Defeating Washing Machines will earn you Turkey Tokens that you can redeem for cosmetic items!
    --You’ll also be able to earn play time rewards from November 21-27!

Crew Reputation

  • Added Crew Weekly Missions, Daily Mission, and Crew Reputations Buffs in the International Airport!

Alpha Rewards

  • Players who earned the Alpha Closer title will be granted a ticket that allows one character to claim the title.


  • The Elite and Platinum Elite pet and title now work on every character on your account, as originally intended.


  • The number pad keys are now bindable separately from number keys!
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