twitch streamer looking support fans

who want to watch me as am trying out for closer online ambassador and maybe tera and twitch affiliation program?
do you care if i use a mic or no i mostly like to play and grind allot material scores and leveling up more then the story so you may get to see more game time then talk?

what do you want to see in the stream or do for 4 hours week?
you mind if i like to benchmark or have computer fps charts to see how much they use your computer cpu gpu
i want to do 1080 60fps can people watch that or do i go to 760 30 fps?

if you from Midwest Chicago IL area i can build you a desktop for gaming as my job when i don't stream is fixing computer or building fix TVs some times as flat hd maybe 4k if they have parts for it and how hard are they as my hobbies i like
i have telegram discord Skype too if you wanna chat and in the area of Chicago IL or email me your mail here il send you a answer if you got any questions for fixing or making

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