Levia/Wolfdogs Story

The story so far


  • Ihate shia I hope she will burn in hell

  • I laughed way to hard at that picture. Thanks for that.

  • @Masazumi said:
    The story so far

    i will go to your house and keel you cuz that!

  • He's not wrong

  • KozupiiKozupii Member
    edited December 2017

    I swear I almost want to go and take the time to make a doll of Shia-in-a-box now, that made me laugh so hard. If only the holidays did not have so much doll crafting for friends on the docket already >.>

    Edit: I mean, to be fair, while I absolutely despise Shia since Levia is my main...In regards to how she treats Levia herself I can't get to upset. She has horribly glaring personality issues in other areas aside but, well, Levia -is- the one personification of a demonic entity that has slaughtered countless friends and loved ones and more or less ruined the world that everyone can lash out at. Even if she is pathetically pitiable from the view of outsiders in that world she is an unfair and unjust but very rationable whipping girl for all the evils Dimensional Beings have done.

    Shia torturing Levia is sadly relate-able...would be more so if she clearly wasn't just a sadist too though >.>

  • the combination of levia's first mission hub environment and BGM made me depressed while grinding some malek's legacy. It's too sad lol.

  • Is there a maid Shia ticket? Celine is overrated

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