• @VitharBlackwood said:
    @Shadowh8ter You are the one that keeps on bringing stamina. The people here are trying to say that the mentality that OP has is bad, because it solves nothing. What about better translations or having active BM in every town like in KR? We should all just stop playing instead of telling the publisher what we want changed? I agree the stamina kids should stop, but that doesn't mean there aren't those with constructive criticism which should be adressed and not disregarded as simple "That person doesn't like the game!"

    Except we all know full well that op isn't in any way, shape, or form, referring to people who're discussing jank translations in the localization, or the absurd quantity of trade restrictions. Everyone whose made any of these threads ever on the forum in the history of it's inception has been about fatigue and entry limitations. Show me like a single person on this forum whose mad at people who made the what, 2 forum posts total about translation errors? Or the 0 people who've made posts mad people are complaining that they want a less restricted trading market.

    To the literally like 2 posts about all the topics you listed, nobody is referring to them, I don't think someone has to specifically point out something obvious for it to be obvious. Just because I say something like "all you people who want fatigue to be removed are needy morons" doesn't mean I literally thing every single person whose anti fatigue is a needy moron, I'm making a broad generalization, and if I made that statement you'd know the kind of people I'd be talking about.

    TLDR: I don't think OP is referring to the very few reasonable posts that have been made on the forum, think you're just taking what he said waaaaaay to literally and at face value.

  • @Shadowh8ter said:
    think you're just taking what he said waaaaaay to literally and at face value.

    @MEtalHArt said:
    Well!! if you have any complaint about the game

    "have any complaint"
    "any complaint"

    You might be giving OP a bit too much credit there.

  • @PWHWPWDE9R Again I think he's just making a generalization and people are taking it too literally. Can you HONESTLY sit here, tell me str8 to my forum avatar, that you legitimately believe, that he's against the literal 2 posts on this entire forum that are talking about the in game translations needing improvement. I really don't think either of us believe a person like that exists, at least someone whose not a shill bot, and OP has been active on the forums basically as much as me and isn't.

  • This game needs a better host, updates are slow as it is and the event's are not even well thought out, like you get a token per day of gaming and the prize for a 10 token is "1 Enhancement Boost II" this is one per account huh? it comes with those 3 day Domestic Helper and Fairy but the thing is its not enough to last for a week, we needed atleast 1 character to come out this patch or even on the 22nd or this game will just die out.

    I was a fan of Closers and was protecting the game, like hell i even took criticism by other players here head on to protect Enmasse and what they are doing, but in this rate, people from that dwindling 1k in game players per day at steam to a measly 300 Fanboys and Weeaboos waiting in for their loli's to come up and wagging their tails on Enmasse looking for some reward that they wont get, and yes im talking about @Flonne on discord.

    Anyway goodluck will be checking back after November in 2018 when i get enough of Black Desert, hopefully that time you might have released atleast until Violet, if not then this game will die out fast.

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    @FTKbrave Updates aren't that slow, the game is literally in open beta and we have a loooooot of content, if we updated every week or 2 we'd be caught up with KR way too fast lol, follow other games of the same genre as a good example of how these things want to update once they're settled in.

    This game doesn't need a flood of players, it needs a small dedicated community that likes it and is willing to spend money on it, that's how this genre works, and it's literally in beta still calm down.

    Also don't BM Mother Hails, lord and savior.

  • @Shadowh8ter How long have you been living under a rock? For the past 10 years or so most games just stay permanently in OBT so that is not an excuse as for games of same genre are you sure you played any? Cuz most that I can think of are anywhere between 2 weeks and 5 months behind the main the servers. We are currently YEARS behind KR and we have bi-weekly updates so the frequency of updates is good, the amount of "content" in those updates is a seperate matter. Season 1 endgame was never good in any server and people never liked it, but atleast when you were playing it in say KR at the time it was harder. Right now we have the nerfed version of Season 1 content so they aren't really a challenge even if you dont have lvl 54 gear let alone the p2w lvl 70 gear. You say game needs small dedicated community, but the currently patient players are those waiting for character releases and even they do not have infinite patience. I've already seen crews disband, even people from my own crew are taking more and more breaks due to not having anything to do since they "main" a Black Lamb character or they are waiting for a character that won't come out soon. Even more so those of us who play on other servers know what we are missing and let me tell you the difference between season 1 and season 2 content is big when it comes to replayability.

  • @VitharBlackwood All I really read from this is people expecting something they shouldn't have expected in the first place lol. It's the fault of the individual if they're just dying waiting for their wolfdog waifu or husbando to be released, I'm waiting for my child Nata to be released and until then I'm a filthy Seha main, but I'm not at the edge of my seat just dying for it to come out, because I'm playing a game that's not that long into it's open beta, not even THAT long out of it's alpha, and I know it's going to take some time between substantive updates. Anyone expecting great stuff every 2 weeks is just hurting themselves lol.

    And about the whole beta thing, I don't think this game will be that, I know full well some games abuse the label I've played Ark, and it's literally a month or so into it's beta put ur pants back on.

  • @MEtalHArt said:
    Well!! if you have any complaint about the game and didnt like it, you can stop playing. Why bother playing the game? its simple cuz you love playing closers, so stop complaining ang play :3

    what about my complaint? I want to PLAY IT BADLY but the game wont let me because of "unknown return code" error and Port issues but when i ask them on what to do they didnt reply

  • @Shadowh8ter I think you read what I wrote wrong. I meant that people waiting for characters are the one that are currently staying. People that already have their character released are gonna start leaving because of the content draught. The current content offers no hardships not to mention it gets boring when you've done it for years. Remember that the most loyal people here are probably those of us who played Closers in a foreign server or those that played on the private server. Sure there will be some odd number of people that didn't play either, but the lack of content WILL drive people away. Right now people are hyped for next game in this case Soul Worker, when they find out that the current amount of content there in KR is less than the amoune of content in Closers NA/EU they will leave probably after the 1st month, again except for those who are "true fans".

  • @VitharBlackwood Well I mean when it comes to content draught I'd just say it's more or less subjective. This genre is basically just grind the max level stuff every day for the rest of ur life until you wanna die. Right now ur just grinding special ops and rare drop dungeons like mephisto or the Irena wings or w/e they're called.

    I agree the current content isn't that hard, but I mean we can't expect a game early in beta to have hard content yet, that's not really something people should expect. Within the next 2 patches I expect harder content to be released, but I don't expect any of the games raid esque places any time soon. Like nobody was quitting Elsword when Lanox was our end game for ages, and it's not like Lanox any of the games content at the time was actually "hard", at least nothing harder than like soloing max level planar dungeons, or soloing cube event right now, it's just the way of the genre.

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