Rampage Cube vsing Striker - Assault (First Try) No Deaths!

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Edit: music issues re-uploading, and i'll re-edit this for the link

Wow I see why people are complaining about the difficulty not only 10 seconds into the dungeon I got hit once and my HP exploded to 50%
Not to mention my gear is horrible. I just hit 65 (first 65 char), I have 5/5 pure 3/3 purple and Sure Weapon.
There were times I had to jug on consumables. But that was about it. Zero deaths - maybe I was lucky? is Seha on assault easier than Seha in Skirmish?


  • Here's the video! xd

  • I think Seha on assault is easier since there is only one boss which can be kite till the end of time with Burst, Rush and Discharge. Damn those shadows in Skirmish.

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