[Offiical Stream Thread] The Weird Neko Corner

Setting the standard eh? All right… Rumor can do this... Umu!

Welcome to the Official Information Thread for Rumor's Stream! This is Rumor, or RumorGaming on Twitch, and the one that streams for the RumorGaming channel! Thank you very much for your interest and checking out Rumor's Information thread!

Rumor is a long-time gamer and a very avid anime fan!

Some of the earliest anime Rumor can remember is: "Card Captor Sakura", "Sailor Moon", "Gate Keepers 21", and "Sakura Wars". Currently, Rumor is playing catch up to a literal mountain of anime that is backlogged so badly Q_Q. Basically, Rumor is NUMEROUS seasons behind.

For the earliest games.... it was educational games on the PC (which taught Rumor basic math) and the Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck Disney game (Rumor chose the Duck more cuz it’s a Duck) on the Sega Genesis and remembers being scared by that side scrolling game "Alien" for the Genesis as well.

In terms of MMOs, Rumor has dabbled in many. Titles include... Runescape (died to a Rat QAQ), Maple Story, Ragnarok Online, Mabinogi, Trickster Online (Rumor has so many stories on this title... Nyxx and Noxx), Elsword, Grand Chase, Revelation Online, Skyforge, Fantasy Earth Zero, Twin Saga, Aura Kingdom, and, of course, Closers Online! There are definitely other MMOs that are not covered, so let’s cut it off here before the section becomes too big!

The handle name "Rumor" really came into being during a favor from Rumor's older sister (who’s handle name is usually "ShinononoTabane") who needed someone to cover for her. She was helping a certain publisher moderate their forum and in-game. However, during that time, she basically bit off more than she can chew and had too much on her plate o3o. So "Rumor" was born as the replacement for the "Super Genius". After a year of that, the handle name went back to storage, so to speak.

The handle "Rumor" made a return during the Closed Beta of Aura Kingdom (For those aware, remember the Aeria Chat Box? :P ). This continued through Rumor's time with Aeria Games and became a solid handle name that Rumor uses regularly

As for the name "Rumor" itself and the way that Rumor "talks/types" (surely, there is a lot of people wondering about that) ... Illeism is actually Rumor's way of honoring the source of the name "Rumor". According to the source material, this is how the text was translated! Admittedly, it is more along the lines of "[...] that is how the rumors goes. This Rumor, of course, isn't really too sure". It still works however.

It only really became a solid feature due to Rumor's curiosity of why illeism seem to make people irrationally mad and triggered. Never did get a straight answer for that... Rumor gave up on getting a straight answer. However, this way of speaking/typing stuck when under the handle name of "Rumor".

Currently, Rumor is set to stream Closers Online (almost) daily for everyone to enjoy and hang out!

Learning about Closers came about during the time when Rumor learned that LionsGate was partnering up with Gameforge GmbH to publish a certain game. This was way before the public announcement and Rumor knew it was practically iron clad. It was a sad day for Rumor. So, Rumor went looking around for a similar game and found Closers. Rumor mentally remembered it and gone on with Rumor's life.

Fast forward a bit, Rumor heard that En Masse Entertainment is doing a Closed Alpha testing for Closers. Not seeing the harm, Rumor signed up. Rumor never looked back. And here we are today!

Rumor is also a genderless neko slime on the internet o3o7

Rumor's personal nickname for Rumor's Twitch channel is the "Weird Neko Corner" But it can also just be called "Rumor's Stream Channel".

Apparently, the viewers have an unofficial nickname for themselves, "The Lewd Crew". Dunno why. Don't ask Rumor

Currently, Rumor streams lots of Closers! It is the main game for Rumor right now to be honest <3 So Rumor's channel can be called a "Closers Stream Channel"

Rumor’s goal is to ensure that everyone has a good and enjoyable time watching Rumor play the game that Rumor loves while interacting with other viewers and listening to some good songs to boot!

A bit of info!

Rumor plays the character Seulbi/Sylvi the most. She is Rumor's main character. Sub characters are Yuri, Levia, and with a long shot, Misteltein. J and Seha... Rumor just can't get them enough to play them.

As you already know, Rumor is a genderless being (neko slime, some would say), this means that Rumor streams without a face cam and all of Rumor's interaction with Rumor's viewers is through the ChatBox! It still works tho! <3

Rumor streams (almost) daily at an average of 2-4 hours on regular streams, and longer if Rumor streams earlier.

Rumor doesn't have a strict streaming schedule, as they say. However, there are some general time slots that Rumor does occupy <3.

Please remember that Rumor is in Eastern Standard/Daylight Time <3.

Monday - Normal Day: Streams at around 6-7PM Onwards
Tuesday - Special Time: Can stream early. 12PM-1PM Onwards
Wednesday - Special Time: Can stream early. 12PM-1PM Onwards
Thursday - Special Time: Streams after EME stream
Friday - Normal Day: Streams at around 6-7PM Onwards
Saturday - Normal Day: Streams at around 6-7PM Onwards
Sunday - Special Time: Can stream early. 12PM - 1PM Onwards.

Please note that these times are to be considered the "General Streaming Schedule". Rumor still does have a life (this upcoming Sunday, Rumor is going to go and watch an anime movie at the theaters <3) and works really hard for Rumor's workplace. So, deviations and what not is to be considered expected.

Sorry if that isn't what you want to hear. X_X;;;

However, Rumor does try to stream daily so look out! Rumor will most likely be doing so sometime on that day <3. Any cancellation of the stream will be announced on the Discord (more on that bellow).

Not really sure what else you guys would like to know!

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to reply!

Rumor does have a Discord! It is the Weird Neko Corner! Come hang out there and have fun with Rumor outside of the stream and the other viewers! Funny bots abound! Please just keep it Weeb-14!

Rumor does have a Youtube! However, it is mostly filled with videos of Rumor's Overwatch days. >.>;;

Rumor does have a Twitter! It is a shared account between Onee-sama (she doesn't use it tho) and Rumor!

Here are the links for them (and the Twitch):


@ TabaneShinonono


Weird Neko Corner https://discord.gg/B2eCUXJ

Rumor will be announcing any events here too! So, keep an eye out!

Rumor's darped out! Gonna stream now >o< tyvm for reading through the entire thing <3.

Some Credit to Lauxen for putting up with Rumor's demands for panels and banner for this work. Lauxen is Rumor's Administrator for the Weird Neko Corner and Master Moderator for the Twitch Channel's Chat. He works hard supporting Rumor! Without him, the entire production of RumorGaming and the Weird Neko Corner wouldn't be possible.

Some Credit also to "Sean" at the Weird Neko Corner Discord for editing and suggesting things to add. Gao~! Tyvm <3


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    A Short Update!

    Hello everyone ! Rumor will be doing a #EdgeLordRelease Giveaway! Details to follow!

    Code and Phase Coin Giveaway!


    1 x Collector's Edition Code
    2x Premium Starter Packs
    10x Phase Coin Giveaways

    Sunday, Feburary 18 2018
    3PM EST
    12PM PST

    Hope to see you all there <3

    PS. a short summary about Phase Coins:

    Rumor's personal loyalty points, Phase Coins can be used as a sign of your dedication to Rumor OR you can use them to redeem things on-stream.

    PPS: Standard Rules apply in accordance to Rumor's previous giveaways (except instead of Nightbot-Senpai, it is Agent Sylvi who will be handling the giveaway)


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    Hello everyone! Rumor here with an announcement! Without further hoopla:

    TA-DA! Exactly what it says on the tin! An entire update for the RumorGaming Twitch Channel! It’s centered around the fact that...!

    ^ Missing due to non-existence

    Rumor is now an EME Ambassador! Gaoooo~! Rumor is so happy >o< This means that Rumor will be able to provide MORE content for all of Rumor's viewers and have some personal affirmation that Rumor is doing something right!

    Now, Rumor still has not received the email detailing what Rumor does have in terms of being an Ambassador, but Rumor will still go on, regardless if it is Bronze, Silver, or even the mythical Gold tier! Gaoooooo~!

    What does this mean for the stream? Nothing will change content wise: it will still be Closers Online and will be the same no face, no voice, awesome music streaming goodness that people would expect! But there WILL be changes!

    The changes will be as follows:

    3.0 "Ambassador" Patch

    1 - Official Ambassador Announcement and Update
    2 - Figma Cam
    3 - Custom Command Shop Item
    4 - Overlay Re-shuffle
    5 - Phase Coins Explanation & Regular Giveaway Format
    6 - Credit Card Acceptance for Donation

    Cool right? Rumor worked hard on it >o<. Now you might be thinking "Hey, Rumor, this looks like a patch list" and "Are there patch notes?" (if you're not thinking of it before, you are now right? AHAHAHAHAHA~). Rumor would say you are completely and utterly right!

    There are patch notes available, fully explained and typed out at Rumor's Discord Channel, the "Weird Neko Corner". You can find it at the #stream-patch-notes text channel!

    The invite to the Discord is here:

    Come and check it out!

    On that note, we shall be going to dive deep into a certain subject that might be flying over people's heads!

    Let’s break this down into sections, shall we?

    What are Phase Coins?

    Phase Coins are the "Loyalty Points" for Rumor's stream. Just by watching, viewers can earn Phase Coins. As a supplement to the earn rate, there is an "on-stream" activity in which a treasure chest will pop up. Clicking it will yield 15 Phase Coins to the viewer. You can also "gamble" these coins in two separate card games.

    Phase Coins are handled through the StreamLabs overlay and AgentSylvi, Rumor's custom chat bot for Rumor's stream.
    To further supplement this, AgentSylvi shall organize, moderate, and pick winners during the Phase Coin giveaways for Rumor's viewers.

    That’s a lot of ways to earn Phase Coins!

    What can we do with Phase Coins?

    Good question! They can be used to show off to others your dedication to the RumorGaming channel! Or maybe you can also show off your awesome RNG by getting such a high number of coins through either gambling (RNG Loves you!) or giveaways (AgentSylvi loves you!).

    Mainly however, they are used to redeem things from the Phase Coin Redemption Shop.

    You can see it on the StreamLabs overlay!

    What is the StreamLabs Overlay?

    Thanks to the hard work of Rumor's Administrator and Master Moderator, Lauxen, here are some info graphics to figure out how to navigate the StreamLabs overlay on Twitch!

    This is where you find the overlay

    This is the menu for the overlay

    This is one of the games you can play~!

    This is the redemption page!

    Lots of information, Rumor knows, but at least it’s in picture form! Now this leads to...

    What can be redeemed?

    Rumor is constantly reviewing and updating the redemption list. The full list can be accessed on the StreamLabs overlay when Rumor is live. Rumor will give some highlights:

    Youtube Playlist Song Request (up to 5 songs) Cost: 750 Phase Coins

    There is currently a #FreeSongRequestFridays that goes on every Friday. Every other day does not have Free Song Request turned on, however, viewers can have their very own playlist played live on stream! Costing about 150 Phase Coins per song, this 5 song playlist will be put up to be played on the spot. Some restrictions apply (aka no overly vulgar things or overly long songs).

    On #FreeSongRequestFridays , any redeemed playlist will automatically jump the queue and be played FIRST, even if there is a song that is currently playing.

    Mod for a Day (Cost: 4000 Phase Coins) / Mod Forever (Cost: 500,000 Phase Coins)

    To be a mod for a channel is a responsibility that carries lots of weight, especially from someone like Rumor who takes these things very seriously. The Mod for a Day is more of a fun role than anything else. It gives someone the power to play around with Rumor and the other viewers in all fun and games. Of course, the Day-Mod is required to clean up after their mess themselves (or risk getting put onto the redemption blacklist) such as playful bans or timeouts.

    Mod Forever is a whole different beast. This requires 500,000 Phase Coins if a viewer really wants to be a mod for Rumor's channel (and Rumor isn't currently looking for one). This will give them access to several things that Rumor already has set up for any potential mod that might join Rumor's stream team. As you may infer, this will be a vetted process and will result in the Phase Coins being accepted if actually redeemed.

    All mods are subject to the rule of the Administrator and Master Moderator, Lauxen. He handles the mod team while letting them know as to what is needs to be done.

    (to be continued at the next post)

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    edited February 2018

    (continuation of the above post)

    EMP Shop Redemption (costs are varied)

    At the time of typing this, the Gifting Function is NOT YET TURNED ON. However, the redemption tiers are already up to give viewers a glimpse into Rumor's vision as to how the stream would progress and how Rumor intends to give back to loyal viewers for their love and support.

    The EMP used for these redemption (once they are implemented) will be coming out of Rumor's own finances and any EMP that is either 1) Given from EME (hadn't gotten yet btw as of typing this) or 2) EMP purchased with donated money (unless the donation has a specific use noted for it).

    What can be redeemed? Anything that is gift-able, of course. While we don't know if it'll be the entire store, we can speculate.... These include....



    Monthly Membership (aka Elite)


    There is also the Grand Wheel! Taken straight from the Stream Update 2.0:

    "The Grand Wheel

    A redemption in which the redeemer can choose a Spin Wheel to do a spin (1 spin) live on-stream for a chance to win the Prizes listed on the wheel.

    There will be different wheels on a rotational basis and will be a themed wheel (i.e. Housing Wheel (working title), Elite Wheel (working title))"

    Rumor hopes you can see the potential of these changes! Gaooo~!

    This 3.0 "Ambassador" Update is a major milestone for sure, one that will put the foundation for more excitement and events to come! That said, Rumor will continue to strive to bring quality streams to everyone! That’s Rumor's main goal really! To ensure that Rumor's stream is of #GoodQuality !

    Not only that, Rumor also strives to ensure to be forever engaging and to be a part of the growing Closers community. Through Rumor's streams and events, it is the hope that Rumor will have a hand in shaping and growing our family of Closers players!

    Along with EME, Rumor wants to see the game grow in its community and to have fun in this wonderful and engaging MMO that everyone should know about! This is Rumor's way of contributing, and Rumor hopes that everyone would support Rumor's own vision of this!

    In closing, this is a milestone stream update that Rumor will work with to further future updates in a positive direction. This is the first of many milestones, and definitely not the end. Many exciting things are on the horizon! Rumor also would like to have feedback as to what you think will help <3.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read the update post for Rumor's stream. For the full Update 3.0 "Ambassador" patch notes, please visit Rumor's personal discord "The Weird Neko Corner".


    Rumor hopes you all have a good day/afternoon/evening/night!

    Thank you to Lauxen (Master Moderator, Administrator, Rumor's go-to-guy) for the banners, putting up with Rumor's bugging and very demanding darps for the pictures and banners. Lauxen is the one responsible for the SS on the latter half stuff. Lauxen is also one of two editors Rumor has! Totally awesome guy (Rumor totally owes him so much now...)

    Thank you to Yuju/DiceIce for proofreading and being the awesome editor that Rumor needed. Gaooo to you! Even tho you're pervy...

    Thank you to En Masse Entertainment for bringing Closers Online to the english market and for giving Rumor this shot to be a EME Ambassador. Much Love, So Much Love <3

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    Hello everyone! Wew, it has been a long time huh? There has been some minor things that has changed, and Rumor wants to share it here in a simple format with not much bells and whistles! So lets get to it!


    3.1 Update

    1. New in-Chat Notifications from AgentSylvi

    2. Microphone Usage (Voice!)

    3. New Asset acquirement

    4. Song Consolidation to AgentSylvi
      4a. Experimentation with Paid Song Request

    5. CCC Closers Content Creators

    1> Fairly self explanatory! AgentSylvi has managed to learn new things and is now able to tell when someone is following, cheering, hosting, or subscribing to Rumor's channel and will react accordingly! With her usual sass and sadistic tendencies, she will show off her sides to you in some ways you might not expect :P

    2> Rumor has voice now! Heavily modulated of course <3 Thanks to BearShoes pushing for it! So if you like/don't like this fact, thank/blame BearShoes <3

    3> A Slideshow of images! They'll be so nice <3

    4> Youtube wasn't working out. It was bugging out with the shuffle thing... so AgentSylvi is now tasked with doing it!
    4a> Ehhh..... kinda trying to figure out how to do the song request right now... its darp tbh

    5> The Closers Content Creators o3o.... Here's the thing Rumor made to describe us o3o7

    The CCC, or the Closers Content Creators Community, is a nexus for Content Creators that broadcasts Closers Online content. With a discord, a technical support structure and a focus on building the Closers Community and its Streamers up, it is driven to ensure quality for both Content Creators and Viewers.

    Invite Link: https://discord.gg/zVzkjY3

    That's it for 3.1! Now for the next one

    3.1.1 Update "The Panels"

    1. Streamlabs Leaderboard

    2. StreamLegends

    1> What it says on the tin! The leaderboards for Phase Coins, Cheers/Bits, and Subs will be all to see! Gaooo~!

    2> Rumor saw it. Looks like fun. Lets add it!

    And that's about it! Short and Sweet <3 Look forward to the next one <3

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    checks the last post's date


    checks today's date


    It has been a very long time! Very very long time that there has been numerous (and often undocumented) changes to the stream itself that should have been covered! However, they have not been so GAOOOO~!

    Rumor will try to remember them and put it down as one big blob of an update!

    Disclaimer: Some things must have been missed. Sorry if it has been!

    Update 3.? "Sunshine"
    aka "The Forgotten Update"
    dun dun dun!

    1 Stream Overlay Assets Update
    2 Phase Coin Redemption Activation/Updates
    3 Re-imagined Daily Giveaways
    4 Stream Events

    Stream Overlay Assets Update

    Gaooo~! So many updates really! A bit of nudge here, a bit of assets changes position. More assets added. Assets taken away... It really is a whole bunch of small changes! Its darp and GAOOO~! Not really much that I can fully list out tho....

    The Cup/Mug thing is now gone. More art assets have been put in (and will be put in) and its just Gaooo~!

    Phase Coin Redemption Activation/Updates

    This is a whole can of worms! Phase Coin and stuff can be explained at the top (click here) and a whole bunch of jazz. The main thing is that EMP SHOP GIFTING IS NOW ONLINE IN CLOSERS NA/EU!!!!!

    That means that the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Grand Wheel Redemptions are now LIVE! Gaooo~! As I said already, details on what these are can be found above!

    Also, some prices on some redemption has been adjusted and functions tweaked

    Re-imagined Daily Giveaways

    Gaoo~! The old Daily Giveaway system was just really cumbersome and detracted from Rumor's own enjoyment of the stream itself! So despite some promises, Rumor dropped it for a while and didn't want to touch it.

    That sucks tho, giving away stuff is always a part of Rumor! So much so that Rumor re-imagined on how it would be implemented for daily use.

    Basically, instead of breaking down each giveaway to certain periods of the stream (until Rumor can get another way to do it) and manually having to do said breaks to give stuff away and restart it, I am doing it all near the end, and rewarding people who entered and won at the end! A lot easier for Rumor! better for viewers! Its a good change <3

    Stream Events

    Gaoooo~! This is very important! Considering things, Rumor is quite lacking on making "events" for Rumor's viewers eh? Now, spontaneous events can pop up based on other events or just a whim! However, Rumor has decided to make a permanent event for Rumor's stream!

    At every last Friday of every month, there will be a "big giveaway" event that would consist of prizes and giving them away for viewers to enjoy! EMP Gifts and Codes (if available) would be up for grabs along with Phase Coins and anything Rumor can scrounge up!

    So once again, Guaranteed Event at every last Friday of the month! Random Events will be announced if they are planned!

    And that is it! Hope you guys enjoyed that! Gaooo~! its been so long~! .... Here's a Closers Pic tax! (credits to the artist)

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    3.2 Update "Lilac"

    There will be not much fluff! But Rumor will try Rumor's best!

    "Live" Video Announcement

    It was something that was made on a whim, but there is a test version of a "We are now coming live!" mini section at the start of every stream!

    We aim to have a "Starting" and "Ending" part! Rumor hopes that people look forward to its development!

    -> Beta Version of "Starting"
    -> In Development of a better "Starting" Video.
    -> In Development of "Ending" Video

    Revised Stream Schedule

    After much thought and consideration, Rumor wants to make these changes to Rumor's stream days!

    Sunday: 8:30 to 9:00 PM Start Time
    Monday: Rest Day (might have Casual Stream)
    Tuesday: 8:30 to 9:00 Start Time
    Wednesday: Rest Day (might have Casual Stream)
    Thursday: 8:30 to 9:00 PM Start Time
    Friday: 8:30 to 9:00 PM Start Time (End of Month Friday has Grand Giveaway
    Saturday; 8:30 to 9:00 PM Start Time

    Please note that these times can be at times fluid. Also, Streams can be canceled/pushed back due to Real Life stuff (lets say Rumor went to a restaurant!)

    These changes are not final and can change. Also, Content might not always be the same!

    Please check Rumor's Twitter:

    Rumor's Twitter

    Rumor will update there if there is any service interruptions/changes o3o7

    That's it! Thank you very much for being here! Rumor hopes the changes are enough to keep people satisfied! Gaooo~!

    Picture Tax (its Luna):

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