[NA] Noire | Lv.8 | Friendly Crew



  • I'd like to join the crew~ ShikaruNee#7010

  • I would like to join owo!

    IGN (Main): Yukary.
    DIscord ID: Medium Senior#4481

  • BunnyBunny Member, Player Moderators, Player Council


  • Sent a message to Bunny~

  • BooetteBooette Member
    edited October 2018

    IGN: Booette
    Account Name: Vibe
    Discord: Biℓℓię#0001

    Reading all the nice comments got me excited to join!

  • SzarpsSzarps Member
    edited November 2018

    Hi, I just got back into playing again a few weeks ago, currently at puri lvl 5 and this crew seems pretty interesting! (specially since i love them neps). So heres hoping you have some space soon!
    Acc: Szarps
    Discord: Szarps#2437

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    @Szarps Nep lover * ^ *

  • hi, i would like to be part of noire's crew
    Account Name: 2BZ4UQT
    Discord: YoungPotato#3121

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    @2BZ4UQT Messaged~

  • BunnyBunny Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

  • Just started playing a few days ago. So far, really loving the game and I can foresee myself definitely playing it for a while. I'm interested in joining a crew, and just from the replies, it seems really nice. And if it's at all full, please let me know when space would be available <3
    IGN: NelSenpai
    Discord: Nel#4545

  • VioletHimeVioletHime Member
    edited December 2018

    Hey o/ I recently started playing NA and as i will be playing for quite a while i wanted to join a crew. From what I've heard this crew seems like a really nice place so I'd like to join whenever the crew has some free spots if possible ^^ umu

    Account Name: DarkHime
    Discord Name: Dark#6039
    Hope I didn't forget something :Sweat:

  • IGN: LeaSovari
    Account Name: Zetsumei
    Discord: Kira Starfire#9528

    Seeing and hearing a lot of good things here, got room for one more?

  • Greetings~
    If you have room for 2 more people me and my friend would really love to join!
    Account name: Liqie
    Discord: Liqie#1775
    My friends account name: Shorsa
    Discord: Shorsa#2569

  • Heyo~
    I would like to join!

    Account Name: Zei
    Discord: Jyun#2704

  • Hello i'm new to the game i would love to be in a nice friendly crew like this one!

    Account Name: Softie
    Discord: Rĕm#6666

  • IGN: MsAkainu

  • Hi is there still slot?

  • Hello was a member until I left to join friends, stopped playing at the end of November since I went Korea and came back to US on April and started to play on NA account again and looking to join Noire again.
    IGN: Henreey

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  • BunnyBunny Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    A slot is open now. Feel free to leave a comment if you're interested. (:

  • hi so if there is an opening slot I'd like to join
    account name scottpro95
    discord: Insert Name Here#4323

  • Hello, I just got back to the game and am looking for a crew.
    Account name is Corybantic
    Discord is Dex#1728

  • Hello! I wanted to ask if there was any open slot still.

    If there is, my acount name is LucyLaevateinn and my Discord is Natsumi (Lucy) #9140

  • TYangTYang Member

    Hi I like to join ur crew. I'm a NA player. I left my crew in search of more NA Player so I can get enough sleep since most of them are EU players. I'm very active PVE. IGN: SpiritMegami Discord: BlackHeart#5374

  • Hey are there any open spots? My current crew isn't very active anymore so I wanted to find a new one. IGN: Astrithe Discord: Verhilin#2741

  • I as well is looking for a new crew. Current crew isn't very active. Started looking for another active crew, found one but they are currently full. And I have full respect for Noire since I also play and own many Neptunia games via steam :D If you have any open slots IGN: KinTrina or account name KinKin Discord: Kinshara#5361

  • Looking for new crew. IGN: KenjiBoop, my discord is kdbaby1412#1644

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