Collectors package

edited January 2018 in Closers Feedback

Get of the elite and the freaking 30 days wings and make just a sole version of the costume let it cost 30$ in don't care. Do we need more elite? No we don't we got plenty from founders i personally purchased Elite till 2019, 30 days wings like are you high with this why would i spend money on something that isn't permanent? i was waiting for this costume and wanted to dress most of my characters in it but forget about that i will pay 70$ for every single character. + the costume was obtainable easier elsewhere and much cheaper then this blatant Cash grab. We know that you wont give a damn about our rants but hello wake up stop making things exclusive

Game haven't improved much since we launched CBT like bugs reported weren't even touched, our events weren't the best, we didint have enough content but it was fine t .

But i am starting to feel all you care about are you packages, Black Friday deals, golden gift boxes, twitch prime packages and now this blatant cash grab.

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