[Scepter4] - EU crew - Open to all (ENG - ITA)

                                        - Welcome Agent ! –

Welcome in our official post , below you can find the informations on the crew :

                                              [Scepter4] !

[Scepter4] is an EU server crew , at first , it was an italian only crew , but we decided to open our doors for everyone;

We have a private discord server, with guides for new players too.

Language required : English /italian.

                                    - Leader -


                 **IGN : Angelise / Shunsuke / Saruhiko**

                          Discord: Weissman#7048

                          **- Crew Deputy -**


                       **IGN : Xaire / Dumii **

                         Discord: kuro#8127


                     **IGN:  keyrim / thalema**

                     Discord: Charasmatic#0666

For a peaceful and fruitful cohabitation for all the Players,

there is a small list of rules to be respected within the circle:

@Fun is at the base of the game, so it will be the duty of every player to behave in a civil manner with everyone!
Respect must be the Key word;

@Do not beg or be too insistent for Items / help, sometimes it can be annoying, it will be a discretion of each player to decide whether to do it or not;

@After 15 days of unjustified absence the Player will be removed due to inactivity, in such a way as to leave space to any player interested , or, in any case, to keep the circle active.

              **anyway  it will be possible to return in the crew by  requesting the admission to join again**

@The rank of your character will be decided based on activity, participation and attitude in the crew

@ You can get the "Crew Deputy" charge by votation of the GM and the other crew Deputys.
(in case there is need of a new crew deputy) .

To be recruited, comment on the post and/or writing / sending in-game friendship to Leader / Crew Deputy,

or better , write on discord for a faster answer.

So here we are at the end of the post!

We sincerely hope to gather a large number of players,in order to create a healthy community.


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