Am I just hasty in thinking what I might be thinking or did En Masse forget to put up Harpy's trailer too? I'd assume given the voting event that they'd upload both and send them live at the same time.


  • @FLEH3JGRJM said:
    Even EME knows who's gonna win already lol

    As cool as I'd be with that, still too early to tell I'd say. I'd play both chars so really it's just my confusion at play here about the trailer (unless they upload it in the next hour or day or so).

  • The fanart announcements were posted a day apart too (with Tina being first), so we probably will have a trailer for Harpy soon too.

  • ever think were gonna get both of them at the same time?

  • MuonMuon Member
    edited March 2018

    We might be. There are many hints they would release both at the same time. If they released 2 trailers thats another hint. If not too bad for Harpy since Tina will most likely be released first.

  • EME ain't playing around! We already got a winner yeahh!


  • @Pradith said:
    ever think were gonna get both of them at the same time?

    Definitely possible, but I get the feeling a lot of players would be quite peeved about it... (remembers the flames of war over the past couple weeks)

  • well even violet players would win cause they're next instead of having to wait out two releases

  • HimeHime Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    I'm assuming Harpy's will come tomorrow. Remember, Tina's Twitter FanArt thing started one day before Harpy's.

    As for the "two release at the same time thing", I'm be kinda surprised.'s true there's been hints pointing to such.

  • HimeHime Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    @Pokechu said:
    Well, I can wait. I still need to farm about 1.3 billion gold more to get everything I want for Violet. ヽ(゚∀。)ノ

    Pass some my way :^) Just 1 credit will do.

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    2. teaser
    3. official crew



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