Naddic Mini Q&A Round 2 - 03/16/18

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Hey everyone, welcome back to the Naddic Mini Q&A! I've got more good answers for all of you fine folks straight from Naddic. Let us know what you think!

Q: Do you, the devs, think that you can implement a fast text command for switching PNA trees quickly? (i.e. /pnachangetree )
That is currently not in our plan, but we will take it into consideration when we make some improvements on PNA system.

Q: What would you like to see more of from the Community?
We really appreciate players’ efforts on derivative work for Closers.
It would be really nice if we could see more fan arts and fan fictions from NA/EU players.
Also, we welcome players’ opinion on fun in-game events! Please let us know if you have any exciting idea for Closers.

Q: Will there be more improvements to housing and plant farming?
Yes, we have a plan to improve overall functions of housing and farming.
We believe we can add friend inviting function on May and other improvements are also planned to be applied. Please look forward to it!

Q: How exactly does the black market adjust its prices weekly?
Average of prices of created deals for one week within the range of -30 ~ +30% of current average price will be the next average price of the item.
But sometimes we manually adjust average price of some items if had been corrupted by some bad external environment such as gold farmers.

Q: Is it possible to find out what each dungeon can actually drop, alongside it’s drop rates? It would help players who are looking for this information elsewhere.
This isn't something we can comment on for now, but we'll certainly consider this for the future!

Q: Will we ever get another skill tree or multiple skill trees? For pve, pvp, etc?
We are planning to add this function to KR server now.
We will let you know when update schedule to NA/EU server is fixed.

See you all next week, and keep submitting those questions!


  • BunnyBunny Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    Hooray for housing updates!

  • BunnyBunny Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    and future skill tree function o:

  • Its interesting to hear how the Black Market is handled. But I would still like to find out what determines the base price of an item, and how the system precives value. As someone who enjoys how systems like that work, I would be interested to know how it determines the price of a new item. Does it take similar items and average it from there? Also yay for housing update!

  • That housing idea would be amazing

  • oh, the extra skill tree... i'm gonna make good use of it for when going for a dmg-focused build and drop-focused build :D

  • On the topic of BM prices. Can you manually adjust the Sticky Residue price? 13k max is a noob trap btw, Considering to craft a sticky residue you need 12.5k~ credits alone

  • Hi! so ... I wanted to know if they ever want to launch a faze or raid where they have more interaction instead of killing the boss type platforms to climb and access the boss's place or a puzzle. The game is too good so that could give one more emotion.

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