Login Failed

Hello, since yesterday I tried to play this game, but there is always the notification "login failed". Can anybody help?


  • nyxonnyxon Member

    can you show us a screenshot?

    screenshot it and submit a ticket...also post it in here just in case someone know....

    and also where are you playing? as in what country?

  • AmoreeeAmoreee Member
    edited March 2018

    yesterday I had the same problem but it fixed by it self, how? i don't know buuuuuuut today I had 3 disconections from the server when my internet is running perfectly, that made me lose runs on special ops dungs .-_.-, I don't know if I'm the only one with this issue, is funny because i don't have it with Kritika or any other game, it's just this one that disconects exactly when im doing dungs.

  • same thing here i cant login in since the last week,pls need help im gonna lose tinas event!

  • same here ugh

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