[NA] StormBlade Recruiting Friendly Members |SEA & NA|


We are lvl 5 crew looking for friendly members
Most of the member are from SEA but some of them are also in America
We don't have lvl requirement, and we are helping each other out
so don't worry about being new to the game, we are learning together
We are having fun and play together in closers :D


1) Press L
2) Click magnifiying glass and type "StormBlade"
3) Apply

-)you can add 1 of the deputy and pm him via in-game or discord
Account Name : RizenBreaker / Discord : Draginex#0075


  • We are already lv 8, also have discord group and premium buffs:
    -Dragon Sclupture (Damage bonus during empowered state)
    -Gaming Zone (Damage bonus against Transdecent)
    -Cute Cat Desk (Increase Psi/Physical crit damage)
    -J Logo Sofa (Increase Exp/Gold/Item Drop rate)
    -Kendo Protection Equipment (Increase Air/Back/Chase crit damage bonus)
    -Punch Man (Increase Air/Back/Chase Penetrate defense rate)

  • Hi i sent a request to join the crew :) btw im new to this, i dont even know how to change my username here? but i know things! leveling up.. lvl74 at the moment..

  • Hello, thanks for accepting me for having fun in these few months! :wink:

  • Hi, its me thanks for accepting me, im the one who got the Cyber Angel Wings on one of our runs <3

  • Tried to join StormBlade, but it won't let me because I already own a crew.

  • The discord is funny.

  • Finally my name is changed! Yeppe! B)

  • Sei_YuuSei_Yuu Member

    Hi! I was wondering if i could still join the crew -//-
    I'm still kinda new at the game, so...

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