Naddic Mini Q&A Round 3 - 03/23/18

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Round 3 of Q&A is here!

Q: Are you planning to implement the Crew Dungeon before next year?

  • Yes, it will be updated to NA/EU server this year.

Q: Will Closers get an option to transfer a character to another server for EMP?

  • Currently we have no plan for that option.

Q: Will we have more Craftable event costumes? Like limited time outfit sets

  • Yes, many event costumes are planned to be provided with various events. Please look forward to them!

Q: Will PvP balance patches arrive with Special Agents or at a later date?

  • Character balance patch for both PVP and PVE will be done before Special Agents update.

Q: When will the 3v3 PVP version from Korea come to NA? The version that includes a series of 1v1s.

  • It will be updated after May, but not scheduled to a specific date. We will let you know when it is ready to be released.

Q: There are other 2 Phase Wings to craft in Garden (KR Server), when will we get that update?

  • Those phase wings are updated to KR server considering content progress. I’m sorry to say but NA/EU players will not have them so soon.

Be sure to keep submitting those questions!


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