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Do you have a burning question for Naddic about the NA/EU service? What about a more functional type of question, with lots of technical lingo? A question about upcoming content or feedback on features? Naddic would love to hear about it!

We are currently running a weekly questionnaire with Naddic to answer YOUR questions on Closers Online! Each week we will deliver up to 10 questions to Naddic to be answered, and every Friday we'll post the answers! All YOU need to do is click on the link below to submit your question.

Here are some examples of good questions that have been answered in the past:

  • Q: What is the plan for releasing the Special Agent update? Are you going to give it to each character individually over time or is it going to be a group thing? Thanks.
  • Q: I am an avid costume collector, and my costume locker is already around 200/1000 pieces full. Are there ways to expand the locker, or will I eventually have to choose between various costumes?
  • Q: Is there plans to do collaborations like the Hatsune Miku event in Korea for the U.S version in the future?
  • Q: How exactly does the black market adjust its prices weekly?

So don't delay, submit your question today!

Click HERE to submit your question!

Please note: If your question was not asked in the current week, never fear! We have a log of each question as it's asked, and it may be asked in the following weeks instead. No need to resubmit a question.

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