Help me with University's homework, pls

Hello guys first of all sorry if this is the wrong place to post this topic.
I need your help on my University's homework:

I'm studing Game Design on University and this week my Teacher gave us this homework:
Interview 3 people to talk about a game of your choose ( I've choosen Closers Online) and demostrate on this interview why the interviwer plays Closers Online and What is his main motivation to keep playing Closers Online.
I want to do a voice chat interview so, if anyone has Discord, can use voice chat and has a time to help me on this homework, I'll be very thankful.

My discord tag is:
Assi-kun vs. Watanabe You#3958

Thank you in advance


  • i will help but you have to tell me more in details about the homework: caKuma#6666

  • MelodionMelodion Member
    edited April 2018

    Still looking for someone to profill that task? Im a first semster student of english and i gladly would help. :)

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