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hello all,
I really want to try the Closer game but the launcher could not let me in because I don't have any code to redeem, How can I get the code? I want to play the game now :( I couldn't wait to play it. I've been waiting for this game to release for so long.

thank you


  • We're in alpha testing right now, which is usually a pretty exclusive testing phase. To enter the alpha test, you will need your account to be accepted as an alpha tester, which can be done in a few simple ways.

    First and foremost, several sites will do "Alpha key giveaways", usually near the end of the week. Keep an eye on the forums, as these will be posted, but they will come and go really fast.
    Secondly, several streams will occur throughout the week, an official one being at the end of the week right before the alpha weekend. These streams give away codes to the viewers, be active and participate in these streams for both a sneak peak at the game and the chance to win your own code.
    Thirdly, go to your EME account settings at the top and add Closers Online to your currently played games, it should say Beta Test Waitlist. Every weekend, a bunch of accounts will be selected and upgraded to Alpha Tester, check your email for the account each weekend to see if you're selected.

    If all else fails, Alpha Testing has 3 more weekends left. Sometime after that is Beta testing. Keep an eye on your email and the forums to see what you can do to ensure you can play then, and then the game will officially launch for everyone!

    Hope you can get in and enjoy the game!

  • Where can i get codes

  • @H2Woah said:
    Where can i get codes

    you do not need to get codes anymore. This forum thread is very old. The game is out now completely. Enjoy

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