help with acid solo (with sho)

any tip for try to pass that infenal quest... sho always dies ... TWT


  • Maybe go make sure you have super and disaster gear and come back to it?

  • did not know escorts could die(I could have killed Shia!?) this means they are effectively DPS checks.

    either your gear is not strong enough to kill things fast, or you need to hit more buttons. Always jumping for airstrikes is a good practice.

  • TarasikTarasik Member
    edited April 2018

    Super and disaster gear is overkill. I cleared it no problem with Garom/Uncanny sets, ideal strike regulator and lv 58 core. The only disaster gear I had was air receiver (yes I know I am undergeared for my lv). Didn't even realise sho could die.

    Gear can help make up for lack of skill. However, my tip would be to use this opportunity to improve your skill. Try to stay in the air at least 90% of the time, and do not take any breaks in between attacking unless travelling to the next section of the map. Use your Special Moves at least once early on, and make sure they are ready to use when you are at the end fighting the sector boss. Especially when you are using your special moves, try to get at least both air and back attack bonuses to maximise your damage. You may have to use other movement type skills to get yourself into position for this. Using all 3 of your special moves, the sector boss should die in 5-10 secs.

    EDIT: If you really want to be able to do it a lot easier though, you should do it now during the Closers Day event. Equip your free +13 Crater Core 1 day and it should be really easy.

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