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04/03/2018 - Tina Update

Read all of our patch notes here!

As well, here are some bug fixes for this update:

-/Penance will work as a chat command now.

-Found some older costumes that had some mismatched names and naming conventions, these are now updated.

Updated Costume names
*Blue and Purple Mallrat costumes for Black Lambs characters have been renamed to: Times Square Mallrat and Starfield Mallrat
*Fixed mismatching names in J’s Gold Academy and J’s Green Power costumes.
*Fixed Sylvi’s Jade Yukata sandals, she is done “borrowing” Seha’s shoes, for now…
*Fixed Mistel’s Green Power costume being mixed with Red Powers costume names.

-Fixed some text errors in Nata’s quest line.
-Updated the description of Adapter Chip boxes, the description is more accurate of what you get in the box.

-Fixed a bug with the 1-Star Red Rocket Wings not being able to be upgraded to a 2-Star costume, this should not disconnect you from the game anymore.

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