Closers Day Weapon cores should have tuning stats.

After watching the eme stream I realized that the 1 day duration weapons that we get for Closers Day, the first of every month, should have perfect S rank tuning stats.

Speaking from experience. The 1-Day +13 Crater core that I got on the 1st had substantially worse stats than my +13 Super core. Which is saying a lot since my Super core has semi bad tuning stats.
On all of the +13 weapons that we did get they had a majority of D rank tunings. Probably 90% D rank.

@BearShoes @xHime

while you're at it should give the 1-day Dark Command set perfect stats too


  • The cores should also be adjusted to the character you open the box on. They were all agile cores, except for the crater core which was a brutal one. Want to open it on a character that deals magic damage? Too bad. Here, use this shitty brutal core.

    Uh, you sure? Coz I got staff/mystic core when I opened mine on Sylvi. My friendies didn't say anything but bad tunings so I assume they were ok too (•ω•)
    On which char did you open yours? This info might help if there is really a problem.

  • HimeHime Member

    In the very least I'll forward this feedback to Bear.Shoes on our next Player Council Meeting, however, I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up not becoming a thing. My reasoning for this is because despite Closers Day also being a thing in the first region, KR, they also don't have perfected S-tunes on their +13 weapons. Like us, and any other region that gets Closers Day (if any), their tunes are completely randomized. It's possible that Naddic would have to think about this potential decision, not just for NA/EU, but the original server as well before making changes.

    That's not to say I'll just ignore this suggestion altogether. I personally think it's a good idea, as the point of receiving +13 weapons on Closers Day is to temporarily replace your main weapon (unless it's +14-15). Tunes play a huge part in that too, so I definitely see your point, don't get me wrong.

    All I can say is that I acknowledge your post, and despite my seemingly negative response, I'll pass it along when I get the chance next Thursday. I just wanted to at least reply rather than ignoring your post. Who knows, I might be wrong thinking that it may or may not be a thing, but doesn't hurt in trying, y'know? Thanks for the feedback!

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