Naddic Mini Q&A Round 4 - 04/06/18

Sorry for the delay, everyone! We're back on the question answering train, and as such, here's the answers for this week's Q&A!

Q: Can you provide a way to make the HUD and Font sizes bigger/smaller?
Currently our system does not support it, but we will take your opinion as one of our options for future GUI improvements.

Q: After seeing the pandimensional character skins, are you thinking of ever making them into actual costumes?
It would be really great if we can make them, but it takes too much resources similar to creating a new character.
Thank you for enjoying pandimensional skins and we will keep working hard to satisfy you with exciting events.

Q: PvP still says it’s in Beta, is there a planned time for when it will be complete?
PVP system is very difficult to be balanced. We are trying our best to stabilize PVP system and will let you know when we are ready to open it officially.

Q: Are there any plans to release a Mac version of Closers in the future?
Sorry to say, but currently we do not any have plan for Mac version.

Q: Will you release a bundle of cosmetic slots and/or inventory space that can be traded via the Black Market, similar to the tradeable elite status?
We have been considered about it but nothing is decided or fixed as there are lots of factors to be examined. We will let you know when we have exact plan for it.

Q: Why are updates for the game bi-weekly, as opposed to weekly?
We feel that this gives us both a consistent update schedule to get as much content out to the public as possible, as well as being a stable time frame for us to work to bring the best quality game that we're able to.

Q: Is there a chance of additional account bank expansions?
Currently, it is not planned but we will examine it if many players need more spaces.

Q: Could we get a sort of “Training room” for learning combos and such in PvP?
We have been considering it for a long time but there is no precise plan for now.
But I believe we can share good news with this topic and let you know when we are ready.


  • @Pokechu said:
    The HUD and font size thing makes me sad.

    I'm sad about no plans for Pandimensional models. tfw no Seri...

  • ZedNepuDarychZedNepuDarych Member
    edited April 2018

    @SuspiciousScout said:
    I'm sad about no plans for Pandimensional models. tfw no Seri...

    Just because it's really complicated for making additional overriding all-body texture. Only thing is waiting.

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