2 game mechanics questions

  1. Is there a stat which increases the speed of the animations? For some reason I feel like my Tina's skills finish slightly faster than compared to when I was playing her in the beginning :thinkingface:

  2. Does crit chance stack additively? Lets say I have 60% physical crit rate and 40% chase crit rate, does that mean I will have 100% crit rate if all my attacks are carried out on the ground (as Tina)?

Thanks in advance!


    1. not that i am aware of
    2. yes it does
  • Attack speed does increase the speed of animations from what I've seen btw

  • nyxonnyxon Member
    1. Yes, its attack speed....the more Attack speed the faster the skill casting animation is.....also I think it speeds up skills that require you to hold the skill to adjust the target area's postion( E.g Tina's 3rd special move or Designated Sacrifice of Levia)...i think it makes the movement of the 'circle' faster
    2. Yes... I think so...
    1. Yes attack speed definitely speeds up animation. For reference, here's a video of a KR player with 94% attack speed on Nata (warning, turn down your volume a bit before it plays).

    2. I can't confirm it myself, but every time this question has come up, the answer has always been "yes it stacks additively" so I think it's a safe bet.

  • to your second question yes they stack but both have diminishing returns after you try to go higher basically a soft cap at 50%

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