Naddic Mini Q&A Round 5 - 04/13/18

Here are this weeks questions and answers!

Q: Is the Third team planned to be released this year?
Yes, we plan to update contents and characters as fast as we can.
Please keep enjoying Closers then new characters will be coming soon!

Q: Are there any plans for a DPS tracker?
Sorry, we do not have any plan to support Add-ons.

Q: Will we (and can we) get more emotes? I love them!
Thank you for loving various emotes!
We plan to update Pirate costume, which has funny and cute emotes.
And many costumes with emotes will be updated in order. Please look forward to them!

Q: Will it be possible to join multiple crews (circles) or have an alliance in the future?
There is no plan for that right now. But we are considering many options to expand crew content.

Q: Will some of the limited time costumes ever be available again?
Yes. The costumes, which are not explained as exclusive ones, will be on sale again.

Q: Will there be an option in the future to do lower level special ops, like the lower level Hall of Dragons, to complete the achievements?
Sorry, we do not have any plan for that for now.

Q: Considering the amount of playable characters, in the future do you plan on implementing some sort of system that allows you to play more than one character for a special mission/raid?
We always struggle to improve player’s excitement while growing multiple characters.
Currently, the system you mentioned is not in our plan but we will put our effort to provide better excitement to player’s who have multiple characters.

Q: Are the summer vacation costumes coming first, or the beach rhapsody?
Summer vacation costume will be coming first.
Please look forward to cute and cool swim suit costumes and illustrations for all the characters.

Q: For events that won’t come over to NA/EU, are there plans to implement gear from previous KR events, such as the amplifier that gave find item bonus?
We cannot provide exactly same item, but we will check the way we can provide more find item bonus buff to NA/EU players.

Q: Will we receive a shortened version of the Secret Agent promotion test?
Players will get the exactly same quests and tasks to those in KR server.


  • Ty for the answers!

  • TekniqalTekniqal Member
    edited April 2018

    I can't remember if I wrote Secret or Special (I submitted the question some time before Good Friday), but the wording on the question was altered. My question was in regards to how when Luna got her SA promotion test, all characters' SA promotion tests were shortened significantly.

    The question was supposed to read "the" shortened version, not "a" shortened version.

  • maybe someone else asked that question

  • madness

  • TekniqalTekniqal Member
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    BearShoes said we'll start getting SA/C in May and it'll be single updates (i.e. we won't get SA/C for multiple characters at once) in a stream some time back.

    @Greyrat: I'm doubtful that's the case, since aside from changing "the" to "a," it's literally how I wrote the question.

  • But who the hell is the first one to be SA in our serve Seha?

  • BearShoes said we'd be getting them "in order," so it's likely following KR's release schedule: Seulbi, Levia, Seha, Nata, Yuri, Harpy, J, Tina, Misteltein, Violet.

  • Y-Yuri? ; _ ;

  • Round 6 when?

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