Is it me or does Union Lube seem useless?

Can't use it on Planar gear to make it better, what use is it then? From the looks of it I can only do it on Purple gear or below, seems kind of wasteful if I can't use it on Planar gear(Sure & Super Gear). Still new to this game, can we use it on Tiamat gear?


  • you can use it on planar gear you just have to take a regular lube go to allan and consumables there is a special one for PG gear you need to craft it up

  • It can be used on Tiamat gear, since she's not part of Planar Gate. And it also works on all of the gear from story areas. So it sees plenty of use still.

    But if the only gear you have is all from PG, then like Natorious explained, it basically just becomes a crafting material for you.

  • @Natorious @NoxObscura thank you for the information helps alot!

  • Also, you should probably prioritize on transforming the timed ones first. When you upgrade them to the PG versions, the timer gets removed.

  • Or you can use it somewhere else ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    sorry, I couldn't help myself

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