Renovation Update Patch Notes

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Renovation introduces major gameplay and process improvements for Closers, and supercharges the leveling process for all characters. We're planning to enter maintenance to deploy the update Monday, May 7, at 10 p.m. PDT.

Check out the patch preview for additional details!

UPDATE: When originally published, a gel bonus for multiple Washing Machines was mentioned in these notes. Unfortunately, this was a misunderstanding. Gel is earned at a 1 to 1 ratio. One Washing Machine gets one Gel, no matter how many are purchased at a time. Buying 10 at once for 900 EMP gets you 10 gels. Purchasing 1 Washing Machine for 100 EMP gets you 1 gel. Apologies for the miscommunication.

Leveling/Quest Changes

  • Adjusted the tasks, completion requirements, and rewards of many quests.
  • Quests now clearly identify the Sector and Difficulty necessary to complete them.
  • EXP from defeating monsters is no longer affected by level differences between characters and monsters.
  • Added a new tab for Training Programs to Mission Minders in all Hubs:
    -- Displays all Training Programs available to your level.
    --- Virtual Guro is available when entering Guro Station regardless of level.
    -- Channel bonuses apply to Training Program EXP rewards, except in the following channels:
    --- Gangnam District
    --- Planar Gate
    --- Dimensional Ops Center

  • Adjusted the display for Hub Transport:
    -- All destinations now display in the same window.
    -- Active quests (main, normal, or promotion) display as a quest marker on a destination.
    --- This feature can be toggled on/off.
    -- Additional quest and Hub information appears in a pop-up when hovering over a destination.

  • Removed the repeatable quests Stress Relief, Helping the Cause, Keep Morale High, and Repair and Replace. If active on a character, after maintenance these quests will automatically fail, and cannot be re-accepted.

  • Increased EXP for select quests and sectors in the following Hubs:
    -- Disaster Recovery Center
    --- All quests now function for all difficulty levels.
    -- Inner Planar Gate
    --- Planar Gate normal quest EXP is also increased.
    --International Airport
    -- Sky Ship Bridge
    -- Dimensional Ops Center
    -- Refit Sky Ship

  • Reduced the areas per sector in the International Airport for Patrol, Skirmish, and Assault difficulties.

  • Increased the daily entry count for Dimensional Rift sectors from 2 to 5.
  • Increased the daily entry count for Singularity sectors from 2 to 8.
  • Added an entrance quest for Dimensional Rift 5.
  • Increased PNA EXP for all sectors by 50%.

New Systems

  • Added an attendance reward system (accessible via the EV button):
    -- Players can track progress on all active attendance events from a single UI.
    -- Rewards can be claimed individually, and hovering over an item icon displays its tooltip.
    -- When claimed, items go directly into inventory.

  • Added the ability to host other players in Your Room or Garden:
    -- Up to four players (including the host) can interact with a location at once.
    -- The hosting player can kick unwanted visitors, and can choose to restrict access to invite-only.
    -- Players in the same area can chat with one another.

  • Added a new “Compare Gear” function:
    -- Press Tab while comparing two pieces of gear to display the entire list of character stats that change if you switch to the new gear.

  • Dimensional Gel Conversion
    -- Dimensional Gel Season 1 begins with this update! For each Dimensional Washing Machine you purchase from Bitna, you'll receive one Dimensional Gel. Each season offers different rare items to craft with this Gel.

Item Changes

  • HP and MP Recovery Ampoules III–IX have been collapsed into three level-dependent consumables:
    -- Closers Recovery Ampoule I (level 1–49)
    -- Closers Recovery Ampoule II (level 50–69)
    -- Closers Recovery Ampoule III (level 70+)

  • Increased the Physical/Psi Power buff of Strength Drink to 12%.

  • Consolidated all varieties of Stat Juice into a single item:
    -- Increases Attack and Movement Speed by 5%
    -- Increases Physical and Psi Crit Damage Bonus by 15%
    -- Increases Physical and Psi Defense by 5%

  • Consolidated all varieties of Spirit Ampoules into a single item:
    -- Level 70+
    -- Increases Physical and Psi Defense by 30%
    -- Reduces skill cooldowns by 20%
    -- Reduces skill costs by 50%
    -- Restores 3% of HP/MP per second

  • To streamline the enhancing and crafting systems, certain consumable items will no longer drop, and can no longer be crafted. We’ve added the Item Renovation tab to all MatterMixers to consolidate and upgrade consumable items into more powerful versions.
    -- Converting an item via the Item Renovation tab costs no gold.
    -- The NPC Bona at Planar Gate can also perform Item Renovation.
    -- Bona also has a (Name Pending) tab to upgrade select gear items at no cost.

  • Reduced the gold cost requirement to craft Super Gear.

  • Lowered the materials necessary to craft items in Planar Gate and the Dimensional Ops center.
  • Added green borders to temporary items in inventory, to better distinguish them from permanent items.
    -- Also added borders to the tooltips of temporary items, and “(Temp)” to item names.

  • Added the ability to open multiple boxes from the same UI element.
    -- Also added an “open all” button.

  • Improved gear tooltips to better display information:
    -- Removed Attack Suitability and Damage per Second values.
    --- Replaced with “Gear Level.”
    -- Simplified Physical/Psi bonus.
    --- Values are now displayed in a single icon.

  • Rebalanced the enhancement bonus for most weapon cores.
    -- Raised Attack Power per step to be on par with Brutal and Sharp cores.

  • Adjusted the enhancement process for weapon cores.
    -- The projected increase in Attack Power no longer accounts for Attack Speed.

  • A Daily Pirate Washing Machine 5-Pack is coming to the EMP Shop. You'll only get costume pieces for your current character in this EMP shop pack. Plus, certain low grade items that are sometimes found in Washing Machines will either be removed or reduced in frequency in this pack.

General Improvements

  • Skill balance for PVP and PVE has been adjusted across all characters. Additionally, functionality and usability of many skills has been improved. We're looking forward to hearing feedback on your favorite characters once the update is live!
  • Players should see much shorter load times when entering sectors.
  • Character profile now shows your “Total Combat Power.”
  • Costumes and accessories with visual effects now display in the character select screen.
  • You may now load directly Into Your Room or the Garden.
  • Costume locker changes:
    -- You may now store up to 20 “outfits” in the costume locker.
    -- Added a Bring My Costume feature, which saves your current costume as a preset outfit.
    -- Unwearable costumes are now shaded red.

  • Adjusted many tasks and rewards for Achievements.

  • Tripled Crew Arena points for all stages.
  • Improved the rewards available from Planar Gate Sectors.
  • Adjusted the stats of Planar Gate Raid bosses:
    -- Vitus’s and Mephisto’s stats shift according to the number of party members.
    -- Completing a Planar Gate raid with a full party grants additional rewards.

PvP Changes

  • All modes: Conditional attack modifiers from Amplifiers no longer apply to PvP.
  • UNION Arena: Reduced the base cooldown of Cancel to 22 seconds, with an additional 0.5 to 1 second decrease per level of the skill.

Dimensional Dopplegangers

  • Added a pop-up window for entry. This window displays by default on login, but it can be hidden.
  • Daily rewards are visible on the pop-up UI.
  • Removed Blue Tokens from Special Ops rewards. (Any existing Blue Tokens can be transformed into Red Tokens through the Item Renovation tab.)


  • SmorecerorSmoreceror Member, Administrator, Moderator, EME Staff

    Miscellaneous UI Changes

    • Removed notifications for +11 enhancement success from system chat (but note that +12 successes will still display).
    • Added the option to hide player damage in the Game Settings menu.
    • Consolidated Buff Icons:
      -- Unified the Black Lambs and Wolf Dogs Teamwork bonuses into a single icon.
      -- Unified all Talisman effects into a single Icon.

    • Reworked Event UI
      -- From the EV button, you can sort/filter active events.

    Bug Fixes

    • Addressed an issue where the client sometimes crashed after a buff pop-up.
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    Known Issues

    • The newly added Planar Gate missions are missing mission text and dialouge.
    • The Premium Pirate Washing Machine in the EMP shop is missing a description stating that you can purchase it once per account, per day.
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