Block Player System Fails

So I was doing a Vitus pg75 run with a random group via queue, and at the first launch pad because of lag another teammate died, but I canceled and used other iframe skills to survive. As sort of a "r.i.p" for the other player I said "Yay for bad hosts." This setoff player #3 who I'm guessing was partied with player #4 (the host) who proceeded to ignore we were in a run and start mouthing off. After a bit I got tired and said I was going to block her only to find out YOU CAN ONLY BLOCK SOMEONE WHO IS ON YOUR FRIENDS LIST........ THe hell is this? How am I going to block a person only if they are a friend. Who would add you knowing you do not like them.
Why is there no /block "username" or even a click on them to block option? Can we please implement something like this, and for ****s sake DO NOT LIMIT IT TO A CERTAIN NUMBER OF PLAYERS WHO YOU CAN BLOCK PLEASE.


  • IwynIwyn Member

    Never had this issue, cuz never had to block anyone, cuz I is a good tina.

  • BunnyBunny Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    Yeah, we talked to the GM's about this issue awhile back. Could definitely bring it up again.

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