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May 22, 2018 - Harpy Update

edited May 2018 in Patch Notes

Read our patch preview here!

Additionally, here are some bug fixes and known issues for this update.


The 7th piece of the Amethyst set has been added to the Gel Conversion tab, which now completes the set.
The Amethyst Pack can now be used in the Character Skin menu for all characters.
Amethyst Icon Set Box has been renamed accordingly, it is now called Amethyst Icon 2-Star 6-Piece Set.
Please contact CS if you crafted the Full Amethyst set box before the 5/23 update and you will be awarded the 7th piece to complete your set.


Amplifier gear will no longer activate the the Conditional Damage Bonus stat in PvP.


Otherworldly Gel Season 1 has been added to ALL gacha loot tables, old and new.


Fixed a naming bug with Levia’s Scarlet Pirate Shorts, she’s no longer borrowing Yuri’s shorts anymore!
Fixed a bug where EMP was being called Metals when purchasing stuff with EMP, this should be fixed now.
Fixed some spelling errors on the GamesRadar poster.
Fixed some Extreme Gear spelling errors, some items had missing spaces.
Fixed some skill descriptions for J:
Fixed some spelling errors in J’s Neck Grab skill description.
J’s Special Move: Morning Aerobics Additional Hit Skill Cube has had some description updates which should align it with what it actually does.
J’s Kung Fu Hustle skill has had some description updates, this should read better now.
J’s Health Drink buff name has been updated to “Energy Boost”.
J’s Groundbreaker skill description has been updated to match what the skill actually does.
Fixed some skill descriptions for Yuri:
Yuri’s Roundhouse Slash: Speed Up skill cube has been renamed to Roundhouse Slash: Power Up, because it adds a damage boost, not a speed boost.
Yuri’s Empowered State skill has been updated to reference the correct skills now.
Fixed some skill descriptions for Sylvi:
Sylvi’s Empowered State skill now references the correct skills.


The new Planar Gate PG5 quest that was added last release has now been localized and will no longer show up as a blank quest in your quest log. If you’ve already finished this quest, you can go back and read through the dialogue in your quest journal. This quest is named “Extreme Dimensional Rift”.

Known Issues:

The EMP shop description for the Dr. Gremory Costume package is slightly off, mentions a 2-star Dr. Gremory Customization Lab Coat, this is actually just the Dr. Gremory Lab costume piece.
The Mini Yuri Pet Package has a small typo it’s EMP shop description.
Dr. Gremory’s Lovely Rainbow Halo wing slot costume piece needs its name updated in a couple of places.
Yuri’s Special Agent Title has a unintentional space in it.

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