i give up

am having a strugle with "Unknow error code" i installed this game 5 times and nothing, hope EnMasse fix this bug T_T


  • @TJ56Y53EAD said:
    am having a strugle with "Unknow error code" i installed this game 5 times and nothing, hope EnMasse fix this bug T_T

    Is there any numbers or letters that follow it? Sometimes those codes explain directly why you are having this problem. Have you tried talking to their customer support? Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't, I hope you can fix this game so you can enjoy it with all of us too <3

  • no numbers, just the message, when i select a character the game loads at 99% it crash.

  • Did you try customer support? Contacting Enmasse through email? How much memory is free on your computer? Is your anti virus set to ignore this game? Sorry just running with possible solutions off the top of my head ^^'

  • http://support.enmasse.com/closers
    Here's there support section, you can submit a ticket here

  • Is am the only one with this problem ?

  • @TJ56Y53EAD said:
    Is am the only one with this problem ?

    Click the "contact support" button and try to talk to an agent. Someone might be able to help you.

  • @TJ56Y53EAD said:
    Is am the only one with this problem ?

    Click "contact support" select game "closers" then select "Clos: Account Support" then select "I can't log into my account" then select "My login issue is not listed here" then select "Submit ticket"

  • Happens to me in my notebook that has low specs and ram.

    what are your specs?

  • OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_rtm.090713-1255) (6.1)
    CPU: 2 Processor running at 1.9G
    RAM: 2.58GB
    Free drive space: 230.4GB
    DirectX: DirectX 11


    === OVERVIEW

    Your system meets the minimum system requirements.



    Our tests indicate that you might be experiencing internet connectivity issues. Below are some steps you can take to resolve common internet connectivity issues.
    1. Restart your computer.
    2. Make sure the network cable is correctly plugged into your computer and router.
    3. Reset your router by unplugging the power cable, waiting several seconds, and then plugging it back in. Once completed, restart your computer.
    4. Contact your internet service provider for assistance if you think the problem may be related to a service outage.


    We were unable to connect to our servers in a timely manner from this computer. Please check your internet connection is active and functioning.

    OS: CAUTION - your OS may affect game performance

    Your OS has been detected as 32bit. This may affect game performance as it limits the RAM available.

    CPU: CAUTION - your CPU may affect game performance
    RAM: CAUTION - your RAM may affect game performance
    HD: OK



    google name lookup - 0.047 seconds
    google port 80 connect - 0.047 seconds
    google port 443 connect - 0.016 seconds
    enmasse port 80 connect - 0.312 seconds
    enmasse port 443 connect - 0.172 seconds
    enmasse port 600 connect - 21.154 seconds
    enmasse port 2110 connect - 21.013 seconds
    enmasse port 3000 connect - 21.013 seconds
    enmasse port 10001 connect - 0.234 seconds

  • It may be because of your ram and cpu. happens to me at my laptop too as I said.
    try lowering your graphic settings to the lowest setting

    If it doesnt fix it try contacting en masse support

  • Are you running the game itself, or through Steam? My daughter was having this issue on her laptop, and tried running it through her Steam account and it worked. Just a thought.

  • i tried the steam ver.
    PS: my graphics are in minimum possible

  • do you experience any white boxes in game,lag spikes?
    try closing the background apps while running closers

  • i will try donwload again

  • SongZaSongZa Member

    2GB memory is not enough to play this game. In my case, about 1.7 GB memory used for just entering into hub. I think at least 4GB is required.

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