EU Rank 1 Sylvi/Seulbi PvP strim

Hey dudes, I'm EU's rank 1 Sylvi/Seulbi in the PvP rankings, getting the 1st grade honor box for around 20 weeks straight. I've recently decided to stream some matches and give a good mix of salty, chill and educational commentary as I play, often being in call with some players as I fight them. Doing a little bit of shameless self-promotion to get that exposure here on the forums.

You can see my Twitch here-
-and my Youtube here.

Typically start streams at 5-6pm UK for anywhere from 2 to almost 5 hours worth, depends how I'm feeling. Hope you peeps can take some lessons (or at least some entertainment) from the matches and commentary. Hope to see some of you soon!

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