Why is seha considered a top tier character

Having only 1 grab and 1 incredibly terrible standup seems very lacklustre in comparison to literally every other character with exception to sylvi and J


  • True damage, that's why. His ability to ignore defense completely is quite a powerful effect to have.

  • My apologies, I meant in pvp because from what i've seen and experienced, it seems like it's a complete dumpster fire of a character since the renovation patch.

  • In PvP the true damage effect still applies, which makes up for quite a lot. While he got changed by the renovation, he didn't actually get turned into a bad character, you just need to learn how to use him. :P

  • Learn how to use him? I'm sorry but with all due respect, I think true damage is a moot point when your entire toolkit is next to useless in comparison to tina, nata, yuri or even levia for goodness sakes. Seha might be formidable in pve but in pvp he's completely outmatched and garbage in his current state. I don't know how the special agent update will change him, but it's probably going to be massive pile of trash like usual. I can't see where the community might be coming from with these opinions on Seha being good, it just puzzles me. When I play the other characters, i have nowhere as much trouble as i do with seha( with exception to characters like sylvi ,J , levia, and mistel neither of which have i played). There must be something fundamentally wrong or broken (in a bad sense ) right now with seha.

  • the fact that as a seha you can poke and fly is what makes him stupid if 99% of the player base would use him like that people wouldn't call him OP in any means. Seha has a history as top tier PvP guy for a loong time. Every single balancing attempt for seha ended up horribly wrong. Now with his SA approaching you will have more tools

  • True true, Seha lacks in Restands and Grabs. But EXR shockwave is a restand when he gets SA. I would actually give him another grab :D He is #1 pvp character. PvP Is dominated by Seha and that's good.

  • His absurd air time shuts down almost the entire roster's means of approaching/catching (including, ironically, tina). He as of now still has access to reliable grab-immunities, grab has decent hitbox (on top of having iframes even on a latency-whiff, and true damage allows him to deal so much non-committal damage since it bypasses the 80% mitigation attached to some skills/supers.

    Only thing he doesn't really have going for him is his FM2 being so hard to hit, but other characters have FMs that are arguably worse than his in that regard and payoff.

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  • Don't need to buff or to nerf Seha. He already has only 1 grab and withut SA 1 restand. It's balanced out.

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    Got your response here my dude, since didn't want to post an essay on a Feedback thread that should belong in General. I made a thread for it instead:


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    his like wearing bkb and blade mail his damage so op

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