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  • Guys.. chill

  • Firstly, it's clear you're new to online forums, otherwise you would be aware that using all caps is poor typing etiquette and makes it look like you're screaming at your monitor. Secondly, how is Total Power Ranking being present in all severs relevant at all? It doesn't change the fact that it's a poorly designed reward system. Lastly, it is very well possible to criticize faults in the game and not be "salty" and the fact that you believe these types of discussions should be filtered is laughable.

    I purposely let my other words with Capitals because you're just typing words without thinking in forums against Whales or not whales (fix your reasoning dude please), i'm literally screaming at my monitor literally when i've seen your comments before it's because i've seen first time a person like you who had done nothing but to rant. enough twisted of words. Be direct to the point
    so pathetic.

    enough wasting my time for you.

  • Seriously, guys chill...

  • @Mahouroa said:

    @NoxObscura said:

    @Mahouroa said:

    @NoxObscura said:
    Holy crap, is this what people are up in arms about? I just got home from work and... It's an Eye color and wing effect. Neither of those are "pay to win" The top 10 of each closer just has a chance to look different than everyone else. That's not a big deal really.

    It would be pay to win if say being Rank 1 gave you a unique costume weapon that added 20% physical/psi power and 50% crit damage. But no, that's not what the top players are getting. The cosmetics are basically just visual bragging rights, so you can see straight away if that person is a "top" player, rather than having to click on them and inspect their TCP manually to see if they're the strongest.

    Are you new to MMOs? You do realize that playing dress-up is just as important to players as gear? It doesn't matter if the
    power ranking rewards are purely cosmetics. It's pretty unfair that only a very limited amount of players will have access to items. Those items are literally unobtainable to 99% of the player base. And to make it worse, whales are receiving these ranking rewards for doing absolutely nothing other than throwing money at the screen. Arena and Hall of Dragon Rankings are well-designed ranking systems because they actually reward you for having some sort of skill with your character.

    I'm not new to MMOs, I've been playing different ones since 2005. So I understand that people like to make their characters look pretty. Heck, in other MMOs, some people didn't even level up. They just dressed their characters up and talked to people in-game. But missing out on two cosmetic items does not warrant all of this melodrama. It spawned two threads almost immediately, complaining about the unfairness. It's not a perfect rewards system, but it's not the end of the world either. To me, complaining about it being "unfair" is the equivalent of saying it's unfair for Bugatti to make a cool looking Chiron that a majority of people can't afford. That's just a part of life. There are just some things that will be beyond your means.

    I think you're over exaggerating how much of a "big deal" people are making out of the ranking rewards. Players aren't threatening to quit or boycott the game. And I get that "life isn't fair", but that doesn't mean we should just abandon any efforts and attempts to make a game as fair as possible. The developers can easily create a better reward system that actually rewards the player for doing something and give every player a fair chance at obtaining the rewards.

    No you're right, it was mainly the topic creator making a mountain out of a mole hill, saying things like "Giving them something to brag about could be done without giving them permanent non-cosmetic rewards though" and then that guy (who hasn't set his forum name yet) said ranking systems literally make the game pay to win. So I saw all of this like "Wow these must be some crazy rewards." My first post in this discussion was my immediate reaction to actually having a look in-game. No one is going to quit the game over this, but it's not getting fixed by calling it "pay to win" or "only for whales" lol.

    The Developer Q&A still seems to be going strong (albeit not weekly), so it's definitely something worth bringing up to Naddic directly.

  • Honestly Naddic doesn't give any thoughts on NAorEU side. All our [email protected] has all been EME will think about it. Naddic hasn't really said anything to answer our Qs.

  • GenmGenm Member

    you do realized that EME gives the questions ask by the people on Q&A directly to Naddic Representative for NA/EU Server,
    they can only give direct response on what they can answer lol

  • I do agree the system is pretty dumb, but they're just costume rewards with no added benefits (other than small tunes). One thing I disagree with is how your tcp is determined by stats that won't matter to characters (i.e. airstrike on Tina or chase on Levia)

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