Small Suggestion - Inventory Item Stacks

Hi there. So, I've heard a lot of people come up with this in the past, I'm not 100% sure if this has been suggested at all, I don't really have the time to check at the moment. I'm not even sure if Enmasse will read this or even think about this, but let's talk about item stacks in inventory.
I think it's a very small addition, but I believe item stack splitting would be a huge improvement personally. I know that a lot of people have issues like this, including myself. Of course, we can always use the Black Market to split some things up, but this isn't always the most efficient way, as some stacked items cannot be placed on the market. I am unsure whether Korea has this feature or not, and whether Enmasse are allowed to implement this, but it would be quite great to have sometime in the future if possibly Naddic were to implement it.


  • It's listed under the October-December 2018 road map as something being under development, so I'm gonna assume it's something that they're probably working on in KR as well since I think they're doing QoL updates too.

  • Yeah, I think that would be a pretty good option. Regarding the above post by Draciusen, October-December seems quite long for such a small change (regarding the rest of the updates). It really sucks when you can't put a certain amount of materials in your bank so you have to continuously switch between characters.

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