Allow limited time sets to be purchasable with EMP.

While I've spent quite a bit on this game, I'd spend more if cool sets like the Ninja one weren't locked behind RNG. Being able to buy the pieces others roll for only works if people actually play that character. I had enough money to buy most of Yuri's ninja set with credits, but getting a full set for J with credits is borderline impossible. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I'd rather just pay a flat rate at a higher price for these costumes with the option of getting pieces or a full set for cheaper with lootboxes. Having only the latter can get really frustrating, especially when you get duplicates or the rest of the playerbase isn't selling those pieces. It's like this on the other versions, but our lower population makes the current system worse than intended.


  • Unfortunately, I don't think this will ever be option. A lot of MMOs do this and it's a good way of making money for the companies.

  • Salvo1Salvo1 Member

    I agree. At the very least, certain colors should be available for straight-out purchase. It'd also be cool just to make the costume purchasable for whatever amount the company wants people to spend.

    Lootboxes ARE gambling as far as I'm concerned, and honestly, it's just taxing to spend real money and have little to no chance to get what you really want.

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