June 18, 2018 - Max Level Update, Special Agent Sylvi, and Irina

Read our patch preview here!

Additionally, here are some bug fixes and known issues for this update.

Bug Fixes:

Updated some terminology around raids, these have been renamed to “Subjugation” instead of “Conquests”.
Affects: UNION Division HQ and Planar Gate zones.

Nata’s Skinning skill has had it’s name updated to match its name that is mentioned on it’s skill cubes, this skill has been renamed to “Skin Slayer”.
Mistel’s Aegis Rush skill had a small typo in one of it’s skill cubes, this has been corrected.
Mistel’s Magic Lance Muspelhiem: Additional Hit skill cube had some skill cube description typos, these have been corrected.
Mistel’s Mjolnir: Full Charge skill cube description was a little confusing, this has been updated to make more sense with how the skill cube works.

The guide page was missing it’s Ex Skill upgrade page, this has been added!

Known 6/19 issues:

One of Tina’s Stonewashed costume pieces is incorrectly named, this will be fixed shortly.
Sylvi’s SA promotion package does not match naming conventions of previous character SA packages in the EMP shop, this is the same package that the other SA characters have in the EMP shop.
The new cheerleading costumes obtained from the gacha need their names updated, these costumes should be called, Varsity Cheer Squad, Spirit Cheer Squad and Sparkle Cheer Squad.

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