Help for other countries

About a month ago I started playing Closers, I saw that one of the main things to be bought by EMP is the visual slots, skill, inventory spaces, bank spaces or whatever else you want.
However, I am Brazilian, having to buy EMP from where I am is a big stab because the price is very salty, after all, it is converted by the currency of my country. If there was some sort of balancing on this question would be great, but I do not think that will ever happen.
So thinking about this would be of great help to Brazilians if the company could turn the slots into marketable items. Currently there are a lot of Brazilian players. If I'm not mistaken, skill slots are marketable, but as others are directly connected to your account, there is no need for marketing.

Sorry if you do not understand the writing in an easy way, I'm using Google Translate.


  • Did u try steam in some Countries its way cheaper then the original site to buy emp from.

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