Forum Rules & Guidelines

Hello and welcome to the Closers community forums! Below you’ll find some rules for participating in these official game forums. Those who participate here are expected to act maturely and responsibly. All in all, these rules are in place in order to create a safe, friendly, and useful place to have discussions about the game we all love. Many of these rules boil down to two essentials:

Be Constructive:
All opinions are welcome, including criticism and disagreement, but all posts must be stated in a constructive manner. This means, among other things, no personal attacks, no flaming/baiting others, excessive capital letters/punctuating, and no call-outs. If you have a complaint or criticism, provide constructive suggestions on how the problem might be addressed. Don't attack the developers, the staff, or other forum posters. Threads and posts that do not meet these requirements may be edited or removed, in whole or in part, at the sole discretion of the moderation staff. This forum is meant for active players that are interested in supporting and improving the game and its community.

Stay On-Topic:
When creating a new topic, select the one most appropriate forum for the conversation, and do not cross-post. If another thread on the same topic exists, please use the existing thread rather than creating a duplicate. Duplicate topics, or those placed in the wrong forum, may be moved to a more appropriate location, merged with another thread, or removed, at the sole discretion of the moderation staff. Keep the discussion focused on the topic on-hand, and do not derail the conversation. Conversations that do not relate to Closers don't belong here. Advertising to purchase/sell items with real currency is prohibited. Do not create posts or threads to advertise your products or services, or anything that is in violation of the Terms of Service.

If every post in our forums remains constructive and on-topic, it will mean better discussions for everybody!

Penalties for ignoring forum guidelines

In an effort to create a positive and productive atmosphere in our new forums, those who violate the rules will be moderated and even removed. Unfriendly behavior will not be allowed.[/color] Please view these forums as an opportunity for the Closers community to create positive and more engaging discussions. Let’s make this space welcoming and awesome for all players.

Keep in mind that moderation penalties aren’t mutually dependent. Users can be suspended or banned without warning if an infraction is severe enough.

Light warning – For first-time offenses which are very minor, such as a good-natured comment which is off-topic, or a duplicate forum post, a light warning will be given in the form of a public comment left by a moderator. These comments may apply to multiple forum users in the case where multiple off-topic comments have been made which threaten to derail a thread. Further off-topic comments by users will be met with harsher penalty.

*Warning** – If a post or comment isn’t both constructive and on-topic, the poster will get a system warning. This warning is an account-flag which will go away after some period of time, depending on the situation.

Suspension – A warning is not required before temporary suspension occurs. Depending on the nature of the infraction, a temporary suspension can last anywhere from a week to several months.

Ban – Again, a warning/suspension is not required ahead of time depending on what the user posted. A user that has been suspended in the past will very likely be perma-banned upon further infraction.

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