July 2, 2018 - Violet Update

edited July 2018 in Patch Notes

Read our patch preview here!

Bug Fixes:


  • The level 80 teamwork buff was missing from the game, this has been added now.


  • ALL characters should now have their character named added to their Cancel skill.


  • The garden phase wings have been renamed to “Lively Spring Fairy Phase Wings” which matches the naming convention of the newly added color variants.
  • The Multidimensional Crystal Fragment’s description has been updated...again.
  • The new universal transparent costumes didn’t have names in the EMP shop before, now they do!
  • Tina’s Stonewashed T-shirt is named correctly now.


  • Large credit amounts should look slightly less funky now.

Known 6/19 issues:


  • Violet’s Exceed Charge: Second skill cube needs a slight description updates.
  • Violet’s Transcend skill and skill cubes have mismatching names.
  • Violet’s Rose Cutter: Additional Hit skill cube needs some slight description updates.
  • Violet’s Alternate Han High School costume needs it’s name updated.
  • The Event Menu UI has the fatigue event starting on the 7th, this event starts on the 3rd!
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