July 16, 2018 - UNION Division HQ

Read our patch preview here!

Additionally, here are some bug fixes and known issues for this update.

Bug Fixes


  • Crews will now gain exp from completing sectors instead of being based on the old Fatigue system.
    -- Exp Values:
    --- [0 EXP]
    ---- Mindworks/Bodyworks in Gremory’s Laboratory
    --- [5 EXP]
    ---- Gangnam District [Recon]
    ---- Dimensional Ops Center
    --- [10EXP]
    ---- All dungeons except the ones above


  • The +13 Gear Booster was missing from the GearBooster enhancement bench, the gear booster has been added and can be used now.


  • Violet’s Dark Command costume achievement has been added!
  • The new Dark Command visual frame ticket that was added will no longer disconnect players from the game when it is used.
    -- Players who have claimed the old Dark Command achievement reward from 12/19/2017 - 7/3/2018 will be sent the new visual title for free - The visual frame will be granted through the in game mailbox so don’t forget to check it!

Elite/Platinum Rewards:

  • The Random Consumables Box reward from the Elite/Platinum has had the Gear Booster I taken out since that item has been retired. Due to this change, the item probabilities have been adjusted slightly.


  • The rewards from Demon King Bitna’s exploration in housing has been updated.

Crew Dungeons:

  • Crew Dungeon reset days have been moved to Tuesday to match with the majority of our reset days.
    -- This week’s Crew Dungeon reset will be slightly shorter this week because of that change.


  • The following crafting materials can now be stored in your account storage:
    -- Condensed Dimensional Crystal
    -- Condensed Dimensional Dust
    -- Condensed Dimensional Essence
    -- Amplified Dimensional Essence
    -- Pure Alien Pressure Valve

Known Issues


  • There is overlapping text on the crew level up menu, this will be fixed soon.


  • We’re currently doing a writer pass on Violet’s skills so that they make more sense, this rewrite should be done soon.


  • There are a couple of grammar mistakes on Mistel’s EX Aegis Rush Skill, these will be revised and fixed very soon.
  • Mistel’s Ex Air Lance needs it’s skill description updated, this will also be fixed soon!
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