A little more free reign over gamepad configurations

edited July 2018 in Closers Feedback

Something that annoys me is the very stiff configurations for the buttons on the gamepad.

At rest it has:
X: Attack
A: Jump
Y: Skill
B: Skill

what I would like to do is:
X: Skill
A: Skill
Y: Attack
B: Jump

however, all of the skills are locked so that they cannot be changed
the only thing that is actually adjustable in combat settings is switching Attack and Jump with each other, but not to other skills.
There IS a workaround for this little problem: Reassigning keys in the Controller mapping; however, this would completely invert the Gamepad HUD's visual correlation with the controller (which I've been using for the longest time ever and gotten somewhat used to but still annoys me to no end.). The other thing is that gamepad users have no way of using the "Swap Quick Slot Bar" function as that area is grayed out.


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