July 30, 2018 - Cyber Summer

edited July 2018 in Patch Notes

Read our patch preview here!

Additionally, here are some bug fixes and known issues for this update.

Bug Fixes


  • The rank 4 class level dungeon has been renamed slightly so that it fits in the MissionMinder UI better.


Synchro Fibers:

  • Did an all around pass on the text for the Synchro fiber UI menu for the release of Cybernetics, this menu should be more legible now and have less text spillage.
  • The description on the Synchro Fiber item has been adjusted slightly.

Crew Dungeons:

  • Crew Ranking points for weekly missions have been adjusted slightly due to balancing issues with fatigue removal, the new point configure can be seen below:

Weekly Mission Ranking Score

  • Progress Rate- Score
  • 100% - 20
  • 200% - 30
  • 300% - 40
  • 400% - 50
  • 401~% - 60


Cybernetic Costume Set:

  • The set detail text on the Cybernetic Costume has been updated, this fixed a few spacing and text issues.

Visual Frames:

  • Players who have not received their visual frames yet should be receiving them this week!
  • This issue is fixed going forward, visual frames have been added to all SOD and Cybernetic packages.


  • Wolf Dogs are no longer Wold Dogs.
  • This returns their status to being all very good boys!

Known Issues


  • Levia’s EX Dimensional Singularity: Flash of Pain skill cube has a small grammar issue, this will be fixed soon!


  • Violet’s skills and skill cube descriptions have been tackled by our writers. Be on the lookout for these changes very soon!
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