Please add Summer Dust & Summer Gremory to the Event reward page. Also event dungeon complaints..

Summer Veronica is in there, but I would like to also see Dust and Gremory's Summer prefix versions as well. Seeing how it is a Summer event, and that all three of them share the same prefix and seasonal type structure.

My complaints about the event dungeon are nit picky but I'm going to list them anyway:
1.) Cutscene after Cutscene and way too much slow-mo when killing the bosses. Makes the event dungeon artificially take longer to clear. Which adds up when you're doing it several dozen times across multiple characters.
2.) The daily event item craft required to make some of the rewards. I like the idea but to get all the rewards you need to craft once a day, for 21 days to craft all the items that require the Daily Crafted Item. Which may or may not be a problem. Since you didn't specify how long the Event dungeon is going to last for. Do we have enough time to craft everything with those specific items?
3.) Probably my biggest complaint is that the dungeon is in PLANAR GATE of all places. This map for whatever random ass reason is so FPS laggy. I, personally, freeze(0 FPS) like 2-3 times just running from Ran to the Event dungeon entrance. Like I said, idk why this map is so laggy, but every single other map doesn't have any FPS lag. Try not to put future event dungeons in Planar Gate please. Just for me, no one else. Do it for me. I'm selfish.

Like I said, I'm nit picking. :^)


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