Quality of life suggestion - crafting related

edited August 2018 in Closers Feedback

Just a bit of a possible quality of life suggestion:

So I noticed that the current crafting method for +10 Gear boosters involves paying:
750k credits
3 gearboostfuel2
2 gearboostfuel3
1 gearboostfuel4

My suggestion is adding a crafting method for +10 gear boosters that utilizes the following:
100k credits
7 gearboostfuel2
2 gearboostfuel3
1 gearboostfuel4
10 or 20 enhancement catalysts

Since the only difference is the time spent manually upgrading each +1 with the credit cost eliminated in return, I would picture this as a possible shortcut as well as a way for people to consume a bit more stocks of Enhancement Catalysts. The 100k credit fee (as opposed to just no fee) would be there to still maintain a credit sink, just not as heavy as the current 750k fee.

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