Problems with Tina event quest

Hello. Dear EnMasse, i found one bug(or mistake) with new event dungeon. If you playing Tina, then second quest(the one where Dr. Jung give you mission to clear dungeon twice) doesn't have any lines.
Please, do something with it. I really want to know what Tina says.

Here the proofs

The beginning:

The end(when you clear stage twice):


  • Okay. I understand. You don't want to fix it. Alright. Just let you know, if this bug means nothing to you, it DOESN'T mean the same for other peoples. It's not fatal bug. It's not caused the game crash. It's not break the missions or something. I'm not gonna hate you, EME. But please, this event ends at 28 August. And i really want to know what are they saying in this quest. Please. I'm begging you, EME. Fix it. Please.

  • Now i know that you don't fix it. Not this summer. Ok. Maybe it's hard, or maybe you don't have time for this. But, please, just tell me what are they talking about. I'm begging you.

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